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Amana Commercial

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About Amana Commercial


Amana Commercial has a strong product line, commitment to superior customer service, and a quality control process to confirm that the products you receive live up to their reputation and to your requirements. Shop Amana Commercial Microwave Ovens and Combination Microwave Convection Ovens at - We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

ENERGY Efficient - Amana Microwave Ovens & Combination Ovens


Amana Microwave Ovens have a long history. Amana has had 40 years to innovate and improve upon their original microwave oven model, the Radarange.

By design, Amana Commercial microwave ovens are built to be one of the most efficient appliances found in commercial foodservice kitchens. As a general rule, microwave ovens save time and energy by the simple fact that they do not require preheating. Additionally, the microwave energy only heats up the food directly in the oven, and there is no heat energy radiating from the equipment. Therefore, as an alternative to the traditional convection and infrared radiant heat coils, microwave ovens make energy-saving sense.

Plus, Amana manufactures Combination Ovens that combine the convection and radiant heat cooking methods with microwave technology to speed up cooking times, saving operators energy and valuable food preparation time.

Amana Commercial - Company Info


Raytheon Corporation made the very first microwave, the Radarange, in 1954. It was huge (750 pounds) and expensive ($5000) and was only a 1600 Watt machine. In 1965, Raytheon aqcuired Amana Refrigeration, an Iowa-based manufacturer with well-established distribution channels. In 1967, Amana produced the first affordable, safe, high quality domestic countertop microwave, also called the Radarange. Then Amana engineered the first full line of microwave ovens durable and safe enough to meet requirements for commercial and industrial applications.

Since then, Amana Commercial has obtained over 96 patents directly related to commercial microwave technology and products. They can be considered the Microwave Cooking Pioneer company, leading the commercial microwave industry with innovations that meet the ever-changing requirements of foodservice establishments. They have expanded their commercial lines to include combination ovens that combine Amana's microwave technology with other cooking technologies such as convection and radiant infra-red cooking.

Features of Amana Ovens


Cooking Power - Standard models start at 1000 watts up to 1800 watts.
Durable Construction - Stainless Steel inside and out. Rounded, easy to clean corners, no snagging fingers or clothes.
TouchControl Programming - Versatile and flexible, accommodates a changing menu. (available on most low, medium and high volume models) Control Pad icons are simple to understand with Braille Touch Pad for ADA Compliance
Light Up Dial Controls - with Auto Reset when cooking is interrupted