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American Dish Service

American Dish Service

American Dish Service


American Dish Service manufacturers warewashing equipment that has often been innovative. They patented the first chemical sanitizing dishwashing machine over 50 years ago. They now offer conveyor dishwashers, door-type, high temp dishwashers, undercounted dishwashers, glasswashers and more. Call at 877-900-4423.

About American Dish Service Company


In a true American success story, American Dish Service came from little to revolutionize the warewashing industry by introducing the low temperature, chemical sanitizing dishwasher. After years in the warewashing industry, American Dish Service has expanded their focus to include dishwashers, glasswashers, undercounter, high temperature, and low temperature warewashing appliances. American Dish Service has over 45 years of experience in terms of commercial dishwashing, and they do not look poised to rest until they have perfected every facet of the warewashing industry. American Dish Service has seen their products proudly used in bars, restaurants, hotels, and schools - to name a few places their products can be found. The undercounter glasswashers and dishwashers provided by American Dish Service combine commercial warewashing with a compact design, allowing these appliances to fit in areas with spatial restrictions - especially under bars and between other appliances. Proudly manufactured in the United States, American Dish Service continues to provide quality warewashing products at affordable prices.

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