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About Cornelius Ice Machines


The Cornelius company began in Richard Cornelius's basement over 80 years ago in 1931. While the United States was in the grips of the Great Depression, Cornelius began to make beer dispensers, beer faucets, and refrigeration equipment. With the onset of World War Two, Cornelius's company was called upon to create airplane parts for the duration of the war. After aiding the wartime effort, Cornelius returned his company's focus to beer equipment and took full advantage of the new design and engineering advances and expertise that were now available. Eventually, Cornelius's company would grow to where it is today - with 4,500 employees located in seven countries around the world.

Cornelius Ice Machine Advantages


Cornelius ice machines provide a great variety of ice styles to suit the needs of any business. They offer the standard cubed ice, flaked ice, and their own version of the ever popular nugget ice - called chunklet ice- that is soft, easy to chew, yet slow melting at the same time. Cornelius ice machines are built with two things in mind -reliability and energy efficiency, so you can count on having an ice machine that will produce ice for a very long time, without crippling your wallet in the process. Cornelius ice machines are so conservative that many of their Nordic™ cubed ice machines have received an Energy Star rating. Cornelius ice machines also use 100% of their incoming water in the ice making process, so no water is ever dumped or wasted. To further aid in electrical consumption, Cornelius ice machines use a mechanical harvest assist to dislodge ice from the evaporator plate. This also helps protect against scale buildup. Cornelius ice machines also feature an oversized condenser that does not require an air filter. More importantly, this oversized condenser helps keep ice making consistent when air and water temperatures increase.

Cornelius Ice Machine Construction


Cornelius ice machines are built to last. They are constructed of durable stainless steel, that will resist corrosion and can be cleaned easily. If your ice machine is going to be placed in your kitchen or any other high traffic area, it is best that it be able to hold up to the rigors that come with operating in these areas. Cornelius ice machines do just that. Should your Cornelius ice machine ever run into any problems or issues, the auger and extruder head bearing are easily accessible, and can be serviced without problem. Finally, these ice machines from Cornelius employ a nickel plated evaporator plate to resist the negative effects of water and ice over the ice machine's lifetime. With a Cornelius ice machine, you not only get a high quality ice making unit, you get the satisfaction and piece of mind that comes with one of the most popular ice machines in the foodservice industry.