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Hoshizaki Modular Ice Machines

Hoshizaki Cuber Head Ice Machines

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Types of Hoshizaki Cuber Head Ice Machines


Hoshizaki Cuber Heads are available in two different styles, including their standard, popular crescent cube ice machine models and several cubelet (nugget style) ice machine models. Both cube and cubelet modular ice machine heads require another unit to mount on top of, either an ice storage bin, a countertop ice dispenser, or a hotel ice dispenser. Hoshizaki Cuber Heads are available in air-cooled and water-cooled versions, as well as remote-air-cooled models. For assistance making a selection of a Hoshizaki Cuber Head, call IceMachinesPlus at 877-900-4423. We have a price match guarantee and expert professional advice.

Hoshizaki Cuber Heads


Hoshizaki Cuber Heads are some of the most powerful, well constructed ice machines one can bring to their business. Hoshizaki offers ice machines that can create anywhere from 300 to 2,000 pounds of ice on a daily basis. Hoshizaki ice machines are well constructed from the inside out, and Hoshizaki is the only company to provide a stainless steel evaporator plate in all of their ice machines. This means your evaporator will not suffer from wear, tear, or flaking over time, and will require service less frequently than other ice machines. It is also one of the reasons that Hoshizaki ice machines provide the most reliable service in adverse temperature conditions. Most of Hoshizaki's cuber head ice machines create Hoshizaki's signature crescent ice, one of the best ice styles for use in beverages, but Hoshizaki also has ice machines available which make cubelet (nugget) ice and flake ice. Hoshizaki ice machines are used most in the bar and restaurant industry because of their toughness and reliability. Unlike other ice machines, Hoshizaki's provide little in the way of on-screen technology, but they are very reliable, and provide consistent ice production on a daily basis. They are available in a variety of styles, designed to fit the environment where ice is required. Hoshizaki ice machines are available with air cooled, water cooled, or remote air cooled condensers. Many air cooled and remote air cooled ice machines from Hoshizaki are ENERGY STAR qualified, providing consistent ice production while using resources conservatively.