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Hotel Dispensers

Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Dispensers

About Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Dispensers


The hotel ice dispenser is quite possibly the most important appliance in the hotel and motel. Your guests rely on ice when away from home for their perishable food items, for beverages, and to keep drinks cool. If you own or operate a hotel or motel, there is no better complement to your Hoshizaki ice machine than a Hoshizaki Hotel Ice Dispenser. Since the majority of Hoshizaki ice machines produce Hoshizaki's signature crescent cube, it is a wise choice to go with the hotel ice dispenser that excels distributing these ice cubes. Hoshizaki hotel ice dispensers could not be any easier to operate. They are equipped with a single, front-facing button which users push when they require ice. If desired, the ice dispenser can be outfitted with a credit card or coin mechanism to prevent wasteful use of ice. Hoshizaki's two hotel ice dispensers vary in their terms of ice storage and ice dispensing rate. The DB-130H hold up to 130 pounds of ice at a time in its self-contained bin and dispenses at a rate of 20 pounds per minute, while the DB-200H can store up to 200 pounds of ice when filled to capacity and dispenses at a rate of 13 pounds per minute. These hotel ice dispensers from Hoshizaki can be fit with a Hoshizaki ice machine that can create anywhere from 280 to 680 pounds of ice per day.

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Ice Capacity
  1. 125 - 150 lb.
  2. 200 - 225 lb.
Ice Dispenser Width
  1. 22 in.
  2. 30 in.
  1. Hoshizaki
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