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Ice Dispensers

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Dispensers

About Hoshizaki Ice Maker Dispensers


For the ultimate in ice making and dispensing convenience, Hoshizaki provides a great selection of Countertop Ice Maker and Dispenser Ice Machines. Like most countertop ice maker and dispenser units, Hoshizaki's provide the beloved nugget ice that has gained fans across the country. This ice - soft, chewable, and with the ability to absorb the flavors of the drinks it cools- is incredibly popular among ice lovers and ice chewers. Hoshizaki ice maker and dispenser units are simply operated. Users push a button for ice or a button for water. Unlike some other ice machines which dispense ice and water simultaneously, Hoshizaki's allow the user to choose the exact amount of ice and water desired. Hoshizaki offers ice maker and ice dispenser combination models that can make between 200 and 800 pounds of ice per day, so you can find the ideal one to suit your home or business. These ice maker and dispenser units from Hoshizaki are great for the office, break room, or cafeteria, as they can provide a great amount of ice on a daily basis, but require little room to operate. If desired, a Hoshizaki stand can be added to your ice machine as well. This is especially helpful if your business lacks the necessary counter space for the unit to operate effectively.

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Ice Capacity
  1. 200 - 225 lb.
Dispenser Type
  1. Ice & Water
Ice Dispenser Width
  1. 30 in.
Cool Type
  1. Air-Cooled
  2. Water-Cooled
24/Hr Ice Production
  1. 200 - 400 lbs
  2. 400 - 600 lbs
  3. 600 - 800 lbs
  4. 800 - 1000 lbs
Ice Storage
  1. 0 - 10 lbs
  2. 10 - 20 lbs
  3. 20 - 40 lbs
  4. 40 - 60 lbs
  5. 80 - 100 lbs
  6. 200 lbs and Up
Machine Type
  1. Ice
  2. Ice & Water
  1. Yes
  2. No
Ice Type
  1. Full Cube
  2. Nugget
  1. Hoshizaki
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