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Sushi Cases

Hoshizaki - Sushi Cases

About Hoshizaki - Sushi Cases


Sushi lovers will rejoice at the sight of their favorite sushi rolls vibrantly displayed in a brand new Hoshizaki Sushi Case. Available in sizes from 48 to 83 inches long, you can safely store and display all of your fresh sushi to your customers. The problem with displaying sushi is often that, in the open air, sushi will spoil relatively quickly. Hoshizaki sushi cases however, are refrigerated to keep your sushi fresh and edible. All Hoshizaki sushi cases are expertly constructed, just like their ice machines, and were designed with grooves in which to lay the sushi you wish to display. The top glass angles downward for unobstructed viewing of your sushi, while a larger condenser face improves the cooling performance of each unit.

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