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Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Machines - Cube

About Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Machines - Cube


Hoshizaki Undercounter Cube Ice Machines make Hoshizaki's unique Crescent cube ice or the gourmet Top Hat cube (a cylindrical Crystal Clear ice resembling a tiny hat with brim). The Gourmet Top Hat models are less than 15 inches wide, produce up to 55 pounds of the elegant ice, and fit nearly anywhere. This makes them ideal for a residential bar or professional office executive suite and every place in between.

The Hoshizaki undercounter Crescent ice cube machines are designed for more standard commercial foodservice environments with space constraints, since these models are self-contained and fit under most counter heights at 39" tall. They produce between 49 pounds up to 268 pounds of crescent ice every 24 hours, depending upon the model. Call 877-900-4423 for assistance with choosing the Hoshizaki undercounter cube ice machine that meets your location's requirements.

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  1. 115V
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  1. Air-Cooled
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Ice Type
  1. Full Cube
  2. Nugget
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24/hr Ice Production
  1. 0 - 100 lbs
  2. 100 - 200 lbs
  3. 200 - 400 lbs
  1. 30" - 32"
  2. 32" - 34"
  3. 38" - 40"
  1. Hoshizaki
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