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Hotel Dispensers w/ Heads

Ice-O-Matic Hotel Ice Dispensers with Ice Machine Heads

About Ice-O-Matic Hotel Ice Dispensers with Ice Machine Heads


We at Ice Machines Plus know that no two motels or hotels are exactly alike. Your establishment may be able to hold 200 people or 2,000 people, and your Ice-O-Matic ice machine and hotel ice dispenser should reflect that accordingly. Generally, the hotel ice machine should create around five pounds of ice per occupied room, per night. This may not be the same across the board however. A hotel in a warm climate may see its users make use of the ice machine more frequently than those in a cooler environment. These Ice-O-Matic ice machines and Ice-O-Matic hotel ice dispensers are bundled together to help you find the perfect ice machine and ice dispenser for your lodging establishment. By purchasing these units pre-bundled together, we aim to remove the guesswork from the buying process, making it easier to find the right combination. Ice-O-Matic ice machines and hotel ice dispenser combinations measure either 22 or 30 inches wide, and the ice machines create between 330 and 897 pounds of ice on a daily basis. Whether you need one Ice-O-Matic ice machine and hotel ice dispenser for your motel or bed and breakfast, or require one for every floor of your 2,000 room resort, Ice-O-Matic has one to suit your needs.

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Ice Capacity
  1. 100 - 125 lb.
  2. 150 - 175 lb.
  3. 175 - 200 lb.
Ice Dispenser Width
  1. 22 in.
  2. 30 in.
  1. 115V
  2. 208-230V
  1. Air-Cooled
  2. Water-Cooled
Ice Type
  1. Full Cube
  2. Half Cube
24/hr Ice Production
  1. 200 - 400 lbs
  2. 400 - 600 lbs
  3. 600 - 800 lbs
  4. 800 - 1000 lbs
  1. Ice-O-Matic
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The ENERGY STAR Rated ICE0806FA Air-Cooled 897 LB Full Cube Ice Machine on CD40030 Hotel Ice Dispenser

These days, every business is always looking for ways to cut costs and it pays to diligently analyze operating costs in every nook and corner of your business. This Hotel Ice Dispenser and this Full Cube-producing ice machine is a great combo purchase for a hotel or motel (or other self-service ice location) looking to increase energy efficiency and save money without scrimping on performance. With the ICE0806FA cube ice machine and the CD40030 ice dispenser, you can save electricity and use less water while providing ice for your patrons at a daily rate of 897 pounds every 24 hours. That comes out to approximately 37 pounds of ice each hour, so even the busiest hotel floor vending alcove will always have enough ice to dispense, without increasing energy costs or water consumption.

The Ice-O-Matic ICE0806FA Full Cube Air-Cooled Modular Ice Machine, (along with the half-cube producing model ICE0806HA) was recently qualified in December of 2013 for the much-desired ENERGY STAR rating. Ice-O-Matic has been striving to increase the number of ice machine products that meet the stringent ENERGY STAR standards. Ice-O-Matic has been redesigning their units to increase efficiency. Ice machine models that qualify for the ENERGY STAR rating have demonstrated efficiency in both energy savings and use of natural resources. Ice-O-Matic has tweaked the ICE0806FA's energy usage (read that as using less electricity while making ice - only 5.47kWH on these updated models) and water consumption (meaning the right amount of water is used and less water is purged each ice-making cycle). Efficient use of water and optimal use of electricity means that over time the ICE0806FA will save you money.

Now combine this energy-efficient cuber head with one of the most durable and popular hotel ice dispensers in the industry, the Ice-O-Matic CD40030. WIth a lower initial investment, this workhorse of many hotels, motels, banquet facilities, and employee break rooms easily demonstrates its value by dispensing ice at speeds of up to 1/4 pound of ice per second and storing up to 180 pounds of ice in its internal bin. With the CD40030 hotel ice dispenser, your customers or employees will get the ice they need when they need it and you receive fewer complaints about ice dispensers out of ice. Plus the CD40030 has a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel external cabinet with a smudge-proof finish, combining good looks and durability. Both the CD40030 and the ICE0806FA just work together well, combining energy efficiency and durable reliability to decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction.