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Ice Dispensers

Ice-O-Matic Ice Dispensers

About Ice-O-Matic Countertop Ice Dispensers


For your gas station, convenience store, or in the cafeteria or self-serve restaurant, an Ice-O-Matic Ice Dispenser is an excellent choice to accompany your Ice-O-Matic ice machine. Ice-O-Matic ice dispensers can dispense the ice produced by any 22 or 30 inch Ice-O-Matic ice machine. If you own another ice machine, they are compatible with other brands as well, provided they meet the size requirements. These ice dispensers are operated easily, as the user is simply required to push their glass or container against the hanging lever to allow for ice to dispense accordingly. Ice-O-Matic ice dispensers provide a few features that make ownership even better. The Auto Rotate System turns the stored ice for a few seconds every hour to avoid clumping, keeping the ice fresh and more readily dispensable. The ice dispensers are well insulated to ensure that your ice lasts in slower times of operation, and ice dispensers have the ability to store either 150 or 250 pounds of ice when filled to capacity. Even better, these Ice-O-Matic ice dispensers are capable of operating with either an Ice-O-Matic cube ice machine or Pearl Ice machine, so you can offer either of Ice-O-Matic's most popular ice styles in your establishment.

About Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers Dispensers


Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker Dispensers provide the ultimate combination of convenience and quality. The ice machine ice dispenser all in one unit combinations suit a wide variety of needs. They work well in the office break room, in the hotel or stadium suite, or for self-service in the company cafeteria. Ice-O-Matic ice machine dispensers are a great choice for use in hospitals and health care facilities as well, as many of them operate with a touch free sensor. This way, ice is made and dispensed without the user ever being required to touch the ice machine. Ice-O-Matic's combination ice maker and dispenser units create Ice-O-Matic's Pearl Ice. This ice- referred to more commonly as nugget ice- is well known for its chewable nature and flavor retaining capabilities. Its small size and chewability also make this ice style great for elderly care facilities, as it will melt quickly to reduce choking hazards. Ice-O-Matic's ice maker and ice dispenser combinations create anywhere between 270 and 720 pounds of Pearl Ice on a daily basis, depending on the ice machine. All of these combination ice maker and dispenser units dispense water as well, offering a convenient "one stop shop" for those that desire ice and water together, negating the need for an additional water cooler around the office or cafeteria.

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Ice Capacity
  1. 150 - 175 lb.
  2. 200 - 225 lb.
  3. 250 - 275 lb.
Dispenser Type
  1. Not Specified
  2. Ice
Ice Dispenser Width
  1. Not Specified
  2. 22 in.
  3. 30 in.
Cool Type
  1. Not Specified
  2. Air-Cooled
24/Hr Ice Production
  1. Not Specified
  2. 200 - 400 lbs
Ice Storage
  1. Not Specified
  2. 10 - 20 lbs
Machine Type
  1. Not Specified
  2. Ice & Water
  1. Not Specified
  2. Yes
Ice Type
  1. Not Specified
  2. Nugget
  1. Ice-O-Matic
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