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Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machines

Ice-O-Matic Remote Air Cooled Cube Ice Machine

About Ice-O-Matic Remote Air Cooled Cuber Heads


Ice-O-Matic Remote Air Cooled Ice Machines provide consistent, stable performance while providing a more quiet, energy efficient unit. There are many components that make a remote air cooled Ice-O-Matic ice machine desirable. Most importantly, the condenser is not located inside the ice machine. It is a remote unit that can be placed outside or on the roof of your building. This part of the ice machine is often the loudest, and produces the most heat when the ice machine is making ice. Ice-O-Matic allows you to take the condenser out, and to place it in a more suitable location. The condenser in any ice machine is also sensitive to temperature changes, and with it outside, temperatures are less likely to fluctuate as much as the would in a hot kitchen. Removing the condenser from the ice machine will also allow your restaurant guests, your employees, or your hotel guests to enjoy meals, work, and to enjoy a good night's sleep more easily. Most Ice-O-Matic ice machines are ENERGY STAR qualified, and like all remote air cooled ice machines, will create ice more consistently when temperatures increase. Remote air cooled ice machines are a great convenience in any establishment. The condenser however, must be purchased separately as must a qualified line set if it is not included with the condenser. While the condenser may cost more up front, Ice-O-Matic remote air cooled ice machines are generally cheaper to operate over the lifetime of the ice machine. IceMachinesPlus team members are happy to provide you with assistance selecting an Ice-O-Matic Remote Air Cooled Ice Machine.

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  1. 115V
  2. 208-230V
Ice Machine Width
  1. 20 - 22 in.
  2. 30 in.
  3. 40 in. and Up
  1. Remote Cooled
Ice Type
  1. Full Cube
  2. Half Cube
  3. Nugget
  4. Flaker
24/hr Ice Production
  1. 400 - 600 lbs
  2. 600 - 800 lbs
  3. 800 - 1000 lbs
  4. 1000 - 1500 lbs
  5. 1500 lbs and Up
  1. Ice-O-Matic
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