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Nugget Heads

Manitowoc Nugget Ice Heads

About Manitowoc Nugget Ice Heads


Manitowoc Nugget Ice Heads will provide the soft, chewable nugget ice that has gained followers across the country. This ice, wildly popular among the public, is a favorite among consumers. It has the ability to retain the flavor of the beverages it cools, and when it is done, ice lovers tend to enjoy chewing away at these small, delicious nugget ice pellets. Manitowoc provides a few different sized nugget ice machine heads to accommodate a variety of ice requirements. These nugget ice machines can produce anywhere between 350 and 1300 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period. With a Manitowoc nugget ice machine, you will require a suitable ice bin or ice dispenser to store the ice created. These nugget ice machines can be used in conjunction with soda dispensers as well, which will undoubtedly bring about an increase in soda sales. Nugget ice machines from Manitowoc are available in air cooled or water cooled models to fit your condenser requirements.

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  1. 115V
  2. 208-230V
Ice Machine Width
  1. 20 - 22 in.
  2. 30 in.
  1. Air-Cooled
  2. Water-Cooled
Ice Type
  1. Nugget
24/hr Ice Production
  1. 200 - 400 lbs
  2. 1000 - 1500 lbs
  1. Manitowoc
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