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Water Filters

Manitowoc Water Filters

About Manitowoc Water Filters


Manitowoc Water Filters are the perfect complement to your Manitowoc ice machine. You may be aware the water filters work to improve the quality of your ice, making it taste better and allowing it to remain free from odors, but Manitowoc water filters do even more for your ice machine. They improve the quality of the water used by your ice machine, improving ice machine function, and increasing ice machine longevity. With the purchase and replacement of a Manitowoc water filter, you can reduce the risk of slime, mold, or limestone buildup in your ice machine- things that can lead to health code violations and ice machine failure. On average, your water filter should be changed every six months, but some areas with poor water quality may require their Manitowoc water filter to be changed more frequently. Conversely, if water is cleaner and mineral free in your area, you may be able to get by changing your water filter less frequently, around every eight months. No Manitowoc ice machine should be allowed to operate without an appropriate water filter, as it will greatly increase the life of your ice machine, and allow you to provide the highest quality ice for your customers.

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