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Saturn Cooking Equipment includes Gas Char Broilers, Gas Fryers, Gas Griddles, Gas Hot Plates, and a Full-Sized Gas Range. Gas Char Broilers and Griddles are available in widths of 12", 16", 24", 36" and 48". Gas Hot Plates come as 12" 2-burner, 24" 4-burner, and 36" 6-burner models. The 3 Saturn Gas Fryer double fry basket models range in capacity from 40 lb to 70 lb. The Saturn SMDR-36-6 Full-size Stainless Steel Gas Range has 6 heavy-duty burners and an oven with a temperature range 100° F -500° F degrees. WIth so much variety and extremely economical pricing, you could outfit your entire commercial foodservice establishment with only Saturn Cooking Equipment.