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Scotsman Flaker Ice Machines

About Scotsman Flaker Ice Machines


Scotsman Flaker Heads are modular flake ice machines. Flaker heads contain the components that create the flake ice, including the auger cylinder, all within the cabinet. Flaker heads will require another unit to be mounted upon, such as an ice storage bin or an ice dispenser. Scotsman flaker heads are available in several production rates, ranging from approximately 450 to 1570 pounds of ice per day. The standard Scotsman Flaker head model is 22 inches wide, although Scotsman does manufacture a larger model (FME2404) that produces over 2000 pounds of ice per day and is 42 inches wide. Flake ice is ideal for foodservice locations where food items such as seafood are kept on ice for display or storage. Flake ice is soft and will not damage the delicate surface of food items.

Flake ice is made by freezing water on the inner surface of an evaporator cylinder. As the ice is formed, auger blades scrape the inner surface and chop the ice into small chips or flakes. Then as the auger blades turn, they push the flaked ice up through the cylinder to the top and out, where it falls to the bottom of the ice machine like snow. Since Scotsman Flaker Heads are not self-contained, this ice will need to fall into an ice storage bin or an ice dispenser beneath the flaker head unit, so remember to purchase one along with your flaker head.

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  1. 115V
  2. 208-230V
Ice Machine Width
  1. 20 - 22 in.
  1. Air-Cooled
  2. Water-Cooled
  3. Remote Cooled
Ice Type
  1. Flaker
24/hr Ice Production
  1. 400 - 600 lbs
  2. 600 - 800 lbs
  3. 800 - 1000 lbs
  4. 1000 - 1500 lbs
  5. 1500 lbs and Up
  1. Scotsman
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