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Hotel Dispensers w/ Heads

Scotsman Hotel Ice Dispenser with Cuber Head Combinations

About Scotsman Hotel Ice Dispenser with Cuber Head Combinations


A Scotsman Hotel Ice Dispenser is a great unit for storing and dispensing ice to patrons. However, it needs to be paired with a Scotsman Cuber Head, the ice-making equipment that produces ice and drops it into the Hotel Ice Dispenser's built-in storage bin. We have matched up Scotsman's HD22B and HD30B hotel dispensers with a variety of appropriate Scotsman cuber head ice machines for your selection. Call 877-900-4423 if you have any questions about the Scotsman Hotel Ice Dispensers, the Scotsman Cuber Heads or for help choosing the perfect pair.

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Ice Capacity
  1. 100 - 125 lb.
  2. 175 - 200 lb.
Ice Dispenser Width
  1. 22 in.
  2. 30 in.
  1. 115V
  2. 208-230V
  1. Air-Cooled
  2. Water-Cooled
  3. Remote Cooled
Ice Type
  1. Full Cube
  2. Half Cube
24/hr Ice Production
  1. 200 - 400 lbs
  2. 400 - 600 lbs
  3. 600 - 800 lbs
  1. Scotsman
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