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Ice Dispensers

Scotsman Ice Dispensers

About Scotsman Ice Dispensers


Scotsman Ice Dispensers include units that only dispense ice. Ice Dispenser models do not produce ice but an ice machine will generally be mounted on top of the dispenser. Two general types of Scotsman ice dispensers are countertop and free standing. Countertop ice dispenser work well for self-serve applications such as fast food restaurants or convenience store refreshment sections. Free standing ice dispensers are typically called hotel ice dispensers, larger units that have legs on the floor, an ice dispensing station on the front and a large built-in storage bin taking up most of the interior of the unit. Hotel ice dispensers are designed for heavy usage in hotel vending areas but can be utilized by any business that needs lots of ice on hand. Both of these types of Scotsman ice dispensers will require ice. Most installations will purchase an ice machine to mount, although the dispensers can be manually top loaded if there is insufficient space for an ice making head to fit.

Scotsman ice dispensers do not make ice. (If you are looking for a self-contained ice maker and dispenser, check out Scotsman's Ice Maker Dispensers.) Remember that for the most convenient installation and reliable ice supply, purchase a Scotsman ice machine head to mount on top of your Scotsman Ice Dispenser.

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Ice Capacity
  1. 150 - 175 lb.
  2. 200 - 225 lb.
  3. 250 - 275 lb.
Dispenser Type
  1. Ice
Ice Dispenser Width
  1. 22 in.
  2. 30 in.
  1. Scotsman
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