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Ice Maker / Dispenser

Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers

About Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers


Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers are self-contained ice machines and ice dispensers within one cabinet. These units make and dispense either flake ice or nugget ice. The ice-making components typically are housed in the upper portion of the unit and the lower section is an internal ice storage bin connected to the front dispensing chute. With a Scotsman ice maker dispenser, you can provide your business with an enclosed sanitary system, since the ice is made, stored, and dispensed without any human contact. Several of the Scotsman ice maker dispensers also dispense water from an adjacent water chute. To further prevent cross contamination from glasses and cups, etc., many of the Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers are Touch-Free models that utilize an optic sensor to determine that a container is waiting for ice or water to be dispensed. So no patrons will be pushing dispensing levers with their hands or the rims of cups. Simply place the container in front of the the sensor and remove it when your container is full.

Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers have been designed to be utilized in the customer area of your business. All corners are rounded to prevent clothing snags and instruction labels are easily read. And for locations where noise might be a concern, Scotsman has decreased cooling fan noise by 25% so patrons or employees are not disturbed. With daily production rates ranging from 273 to 720 pounds for nugget ice maker dispensers and from 392 to 453 pounds of flake ice maker dispensers, you are bound to find the Scotsman ice maker dispenser that is perfect for your business.

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