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Ice Maker / Dispenser

Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers

About Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers


Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers are self-contained ice machines and ice dispensers within one cabinet. These units make and dispense either flake ice or nugget ice. The ice-making components typically are housed in the upper portion of the unit and the lower section is an internal ice storage bin connected to the front dispensing chute. With a Scotsman ice maker dispenser, you can provide your business with an enclosed sanitary system, since the ice is made, stored, and dispensed without any human contact. Several of the Scotsman ice maker dispensers also dispense water from an adjacent water chute. To further prevent cross contamination from glasses and cups, etc., many of the Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers are Touch-Free models that utilize an optic sensor to determine that a container is waiting for ice or water to be dispensed. So no patrons will be pushing dispensing levers with their hands or the rims of cups. Simply place the container in front of the the sensor and remove it when your container is full.

Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers have been designed to be utilized in the customer area of your business. All corners are rounded to prevent clothing snags and instruction labels are easily read. And for locations where noise might be a concern, Scotsman has decreased cooling fan noise by 25% so patrons or employees are not disturbed. With daily production rates ranging from 273 to 720 pounds for nugget ice maker dispensers and from 392 to 453 pounds of flake ice maker dispensers, you are bound to find the Scotsman ice maker dispenser that is perfect for your business.

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Featured Scotsman Product

Scotsman MDT4F12A Ice Maker / Dispenser
Featured Product - Scotsman MDT4F12A Ice Maker Dispenser

The Scotsman MDT4F12A TouchFree® Ice Maker / Dispenser with integrated water dispenser is more than a simple flake ice machine. Yes, it is all that an ice machine purports to be: it takes an incoming water supply, and using compression and condensing of a refrigerant, lowers the temperature of an evaporator plate or cylinder which the water comes into contact with, thus freezing the water and forming ice. However, the Scotsman MDT4F12A is much more than a simple ice machine.

Ice Maker, Ice Storage, Ice Dispenser - Combined!

The MDT4F12A is a flake ice maker / dispenser. Meaning that in addition to making its flake ice, along with all of the ice making components residing in its cabinet, this equipment also stores and dispenses the ice that it produces. All inside the single cabinet. This makes the MDT4F12A a marvel, in that it combines 3 functions within a single piece of equipment: ice production, ice storage, and ice dispensing.

At first glance, you will see that the MDT4F12A is an air-cooled ice maker / dispenser, producing up to 453 pounds of flake ice every 24 hours, which works out to be approximately 18.8 pounds of flake ice per hour. The unit measures 14 inches wide, has a built-in, 12-pound storage bin, an integrated water dispenser, and TouchFree® Sensor-Operated ice dispensing. Those are the basic features and facts about the Scotsman MDT4F12A model. However, think about this equipment from the perspective of a typical ice making, ice storage, and ice dispenser configuration.

As ubiquitous as ice dispensing is these days, in nearly every restaurant, particularly quick-serve style restaurant chains, rarely seen is the efficient combination of function and form, of several distinct aspects of ice making and service, within a single, compact space. Most ice dispensing in commercial locations is primarily intended for cooling soda and juice beverages that are dispensed by customers from self-service beverage dispensers. While the ice dispenser and storage functions are in fact integrated into the beverage dispensing equipment, these ice-related purposes are secondary to the primary intention of dispensing the beverages. The actual ice-making function itself is not even included. An ice maker, typically a modular "head", is often a distinct piece of equipment mounted upon the beverage dispenser equipment, producing the ice and dropping it into the bin housed inside the beverage dispenser. In some truly outdated configurations, at best, less efficient, and at worst, less sanitary, the ice is made at another nearby location, is transferred to the beverage dispenser's bin via ice bucket or tote, and is manually dumped or shoveled into the dispenser's ice hopper by employees through the dispenser top, which would therefore require removal of the top, putting it down somewhere nearby, and replacing it after the hopper has been filled.

None of this inefficiency exists, nor any chance of contamination, with the Scotsman MDT4F12A, since an integrated ice maker, bin, and dispenser are contained in the same cabinet, with a single, narrow footprint. For proper production, storage and dispensing of ice, the MDT4F12A neither requires mounting on other equipment, nor exposure to any possible contaminant due to opening.

Plus, Water!

As wonderful as the Scotsman MDT4F12A ice maker / dispenser is by simply integrating all of the ice functions within the same cabinet, in addition to its primary functions, it also dispenses water at the same location as the ice. Potable incoming water is pumped to the water dispensing nozzle and dispensed simultaneously with the ice when triggered. Through a simple flip of a switch on the MDT4F12A's front panel, you, your employees or your customers can dispense "Ice Only" or "Ice and Water". Note that the water is not chilled or refrigerated, but since it is dispensed into the same container as the dispensed ice, the water cools quickly. For applications such as break rooms, cafeterias, meeting facilities, or front-of-the-house in restaurants, a combined water and ice dispenser is a valuable piece of equipment, taking up less space by requiring only one piece of equipment instead of two separate units.
Note that all incoming water to the MDT4F12A should be potable. Scotsman Industries always recommends utilizing a water filtration system on the water line just prior to the hookup with the ice maker / dispenser. One other fortuitous benefit of circumstance, therefore, is that the water dispensed through the vending chute has been filtered in the same manner as the water used to produce the ice, so you can be assured that both your ice and water are pure.

No Extra Charge!

With all of these features packed into a single unit, you might think that the Scotsman MDT4F12A would be an overly expensive piece of foodservice equipment. And yet, Scotsman is able to efficiently manufacture their ice maker / dispensers, so the savings can be passed on to you. Plus your initial outlay of capital decreases. Consider the following scenarios. You could purchase a flake ice machine, plus an ice storage bin to mount it on, plus an ice dispenser unit to install nearby, plus ice transport supplies like totes or buckets, all of which might be cost prohibitive. Or you could purchase a flake ice machine (for instance, the Scotsman F0522A, which makes the same amount of flake ice each day as the MDT4F12A) to mount directly on top of a compatible, but separate ice dispenser unit (such as the 22 inch wide Scotsman ID150B). Either way, you are purchasing multiple pieces of equipment, with multiple electrical hookups, multiple water lines, and multiple water drains. You would get a larger ice storage bin with a separate ice dispenser unit, but should you ever empty the Scotsman MDT4F12A's internal 12-pound bin, the MDT4F12A is able to produce ice to replenish its bin in less than 40 minutes.

With the Scotsman MDT4F12A ice maker / dispenser, you get everything you need to produce, store and dispense ice, plus water, for the cost of a single, efficient piece of equipment. With a single water line in, one electrical connection, and a single water drain, you get all of the functions, at no extra charge. So when you are considering outfitting your location with an ice dispenser, think ice maker / dispenser instead, and go with the Scotsman MDT4F12A.

Quick comparison (based upon current pricing):

$4795.20 for two piece configuration - Scotsman F0522A ice maker and Scotsman ID150B ice dispenser

$3199.99 for single Scotsman MDT4F12A integrated ice maker / dispenser