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Undercounter Ice Machines

Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machines

About Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machines


Scotsman Undercounter Ice Machines are self-contained ice machines and storage bins. Undercounter ice machines produce just the right type of ice, in just the right amount for your business, with the convenience of being installed in smaller locations. Scotsman undercounter ice machines come in a cube, flake, and gourmet ice-making models, so you will find the right ice machine to meet your needs.

Scotsman Industries has taken into account the variety of requirements that a business may have for its ice, including ice production, storage capacity, and they physical dimensions of the available space for installation. Scotsman undercounter models range in physical size from the small, 15-inch-wide CU50 Gourmet ice machine, to the CU3030, which is 30 inches wide and produces up to 310 pound of cube ice per day, depending on the condenser type. Since Scotsman undercounter ice machines are self-contained, their storage capacity is less than a large modular cuber head and storage bin. However, they can fit nearly anywhere you have incoming water lines, electrical outlets, and drainage. For the foodservice or other business location that is short on space and has modest ice requirements, a Scotsman undercounter ice machine will be ideal. For example, Scotsman's CU50 model is an elegantly-styled, all stainless steel unit that can easily slide under a bar or office counter, as long as you include the optional built in drain pump so excess water can be pumped to a nearby sink or other water drain. For a business that needs more ice, the Scotsman CU1526 model makes 150 to 175 pounds of cube ice, depending upon the condenser type. Scotsman industries has even designed an all-in-one flake ice undercounter machine, the AFE424, which produces 395 pounds of flake ice per day and stores up to 80 pounds in its built-in bin. The AFE424 is 33 inches tall and 24 1/4 inch wide so if you need a steady supply of flake ice within arm's reach, Scotsman has taken care of you. When you need ice and you have limited space, consider a Scotsman undercounter ice machine for your application.

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