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Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze - Hotel Air Conditioning & Heating

About Sea Breeze - Hotel and Healthcare Facility Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

Sea Breeze Air Conditioning Heating

Sea Breeze produces stylish and efficient air conditioning and heating units which are the perfect solution for both commercial and residential applications such as hotel rooms, motel rooms, vacation homes, restaurants, warehouse or factory offices, and even classrooms. Sea Breeze has designed all of their equipment to easily blend with most decor and to be as unobtrusive as possible. Their a/c and heating equipment is quiet and efficient. With a large selection of mini-split a/c units, window units, through wall units, portable a/c equipment and dehumidifiers, Sea Breeze is bound to have the perfect equipment for your specific cooling or heating application. Healthcare offices, waiting rooms, and patient rooms also benefit from the these units.
If you are considering purchasing any Sea Breeze equipment and you have any questions, contact us at Call at 877-900-4423.

Sea Breeze Air Conditioning Heating
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