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Air Curtains

True Refrigerated Air Curtains

About True Refrigerated Air Curtains


True Air Curtains are designed to allow easy grab and go impulse purchases of your food and beverage items. Using air curtain technology, these models do not utilize any doors. Instead highly cooled air is blown from several vents in a steady stream, creating a temperature barrier so that the ambient air does not reach the food items. Like an invisible curtain, the refrigerated air maintains the cooling environment at a steady temperature. Customers can simply reach through the air and grab the exact item they wish without needing to open a door at all. True has manufactured several horizontal models, minimizing wall space overhead requirements. However, most True refrigerated Air curtains are upright models with built in shelving allowing for increased display space. Contact IceMachinesPlus at 877-900-4423 for assistance choosing a True Air Curtain for your business.

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