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Beverage Centers

U-Line Undercounter Beverage Centers

About U-Line Undercounter Beverage Centers


U-Line Beverage Centers are some of the most popular and versatile units on the market today. Unlike standard refrigerators, U-Line beverage centers were designed to store a variety of beverages, and to do so while holding them at the perfect temperature, optimal for serving. Many of U-Line's beverage centers feature two to three separate zones, where the temperature varies or can be adjusted to suit the beverages you wish to store. This is key as some wine is better served slightly chilled, not freezing cold, and some beers (porters, stouts) are best served almost at room temperature. U-Line beverage centers are great if you have a bar in your home, or like to entertain frequently, as they conveniently store soda, juice, wine, and beer, and were designed to accept many different sized containers. Like all U-Line products, U-Line's beverage centers are sleek and stylish, available in black, stainless steel, or with a wooden overlay finish. Despite the common perception that temperature fluctuations hurt beer, it is more accurate that light damages or alters its taste. With this in mind, all U-Line glass door beverage centers are constructed with a protective protection from potentially harmful UV rays. For the ultimate and quality and style, consider a U-Line beverage center.

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Door Type
  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Glass
  3. Stainless Steel/Glass
Approved For Outdoor Use
  1. No
Cubic Feet
  1. 4 - 5 Cubic Ft.
  2. 5 - 6 Cubic Ft.
  3. 6 Cu. Ft & Up
Door Swing Options
  1. Reversible
  2. Left Hinge
  3. Right Hinge
  4. Double Door - 1 Left Hinge 1 Right Hinge
  1. 20" - 25"
  2. 35" - 40"
  1. U-Line
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