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U-Line Undercounter Combo Models

About U-Line Undercounter Combo Models


U-Line Combo Models are some of the best around in terms of quality and convenience. If you're one who enjoys getting more 'bang for your buck', then these U-Line combo models will suit you well. With both refrigerator / freezer combos and refrigerator / ice maker combos available, you can find the unit that suits you best. The ice making combos create U-Line's signature crescent ice, or the elegant clear ice (also called gourmet ice). Some of these U-Line combo models are available with marine and RV hookups, so you can outfit your boat, trailer, or camper with one if desired. Many of these combo units resemble small swinging door refrigerators, but U-Line also offers a few drawer options as well. These combo models follow the traditional U-Line pattern, and are available in black, stainless steel, or with a wooden overlay panel to add a touch of style to your unit. If you require ice making and refrigeration, or a refrigerator and a freezer, any of these U-Line combo models will suffice exceedingly well.

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Door Type
  1. Stainless Steel
Approved For Outdoor Use
  1. No
Cubic Feet
  1. Not Specified
  2. 3 Cu. Ft. & Under
  3. 4 - 5 Cubic Ft.
Door Swing Options
  1. Not Specified
  2. Reversible
  1. Not Specified
  2. 20" - 25"
  1. U-Line
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