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Marine / RV Models

U-Line Marine RV Models

About U-Line Marine and RV Models


Do you find it a problem keeping your refrigerated goods cool while camping or traveling? Perhaps you find that the cocktail you're enjoying on your boat could use a few extra ice cubes in it. Well, consider warm beverages a thing of the past with U-Line Marine and RV Models. All of these ice makers and refrigerators were specifically designed for those that like to live life "on the go", without giving up certain pleasures and conveniences. These U-Line marine and RV units make up to 23 pounds of ice on a daily basis and store 12 pounds in their self-contained bins. They all operate via a simple 110V or 220V hookup. Most of these units are incredibly compact as well, and do not require a great amount of room to operate effectively. If you can't be without ice or refrigeration, consider any of U-Line's marine and RV models. This way, you can take the ice machine and refrigerator with you.

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Door Type
  1. Stainless Steel
Approved For Outdoor Use
  1. No
Cubic Feet
  1. 3 Cu. Ft. & Under
Door Swing Options
  1. Reversible
  1. 20" - 25"
  1. 110V
  2. 115V
  3. 220V
24/hr Ice Production
  1. 0 - 25 lbs
  2. 25 - 50 lbs
Ice Type
  1. Crescent Cube
  1. No
  1. 30" and Under
  1. U-Line
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