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U-Line Undercounter Refrigerators

About U-Line Undercounter Refrigerators


U-Line Refrigerators are an excellent choice if you desire a high quality undercounter unit. U-Line excels when it comes to undercounter storage, and their refrigerators are no exception. With ADA compliant models, black vinyl models, stainless steel models, and glass door models, they are certain to have an undercounter refrigerator to fit your needs. There is a U-Line refrigerator that fits well aesthetically in nearly any environment. Some units were designed to hold an assortment of food to beverage products, while others were designed to store only beverages. One thing that sets U-Line apart from the competition is their ability to house a great amount of products in a very small space. With U-Line's undercounter units, there is never any wasted space, and rarely a need for additional storage. These units were smartly designed, and fit exceptionally well in the home, office, college dorm, or stadium suite. With the ultimate combination of style and functionality, U-Line refrigerators are smart choice every time.

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Door Type
  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Stainless Steel/Glass
Approved For Outdoor Use
  1. Yes
  2. No
Cubic Feet
  1. Not Specified
  2. 3 Cu. Ft. & Under
  3. 3 - 4 Cubic Ft.
  4. 4 - 5 Cubic Ft.
  5. 5 - 6 Cubic Ft.
  6. 6 Cu. Ft & Up
Door Swing Options
  1. Not Specified
  2. Reversible
  3. Left Hinge
  4. Right Hinge
  5. Drawer
  6. Double Door - 1 Left Hinge 1 Right Hinge
  1. Not Specified
  2. 15" and Under
  3. 15" - 20"
  4. 20" - 25"
  5. 35" - 40"
  1. U-Line
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