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Ice Cold Outdoors Even in the Summertime


[posted June 21, 2011]

Mother's Day of 2011 is past. Memorial Day was celebrated. Father's Day has come and gone. Schools are out. Major League Baseball is over one-quarter of the way through the season. And the Solstice is today, at 1:16 PM Eastern Time!

What are you waiting for? Summer is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. The heat is here and you need ice!

Over the next months, many meals will be eaten outdoors, sometimes on a shaded porch, sometimes beneath the scorching rays of the sun. Backyard barbecues and stadium parking lot tailgates are commonplace already. You know your guests will need ice and lots of it. You just have to keep your coolers full of the cold cubes in order to keep your bottled and canned refreshments chilled.

Your ordinary kitchen refrigerator freezer is not going to be able to keep up with your demand for ice cold nuggets or cubes. You could really use something dedicated - a convenient, cost-effective product for the home that has one purpose only - you need an ice maker with built in ice storage.

Happily, the residential ice maker is available, in a convenient under the counter size and shape, and at a price that won't put a frown in place of your summer smile.

Undercounter residential ice makers have become common sights in many homes these days, and they are not just for the wealthy. Many manufacturers actually have designed them with your kitchen in mind, providing overlay kits so you can attach a cabinet door that matches your kitchen cabinetry. Compact and efficient means lower, affordable costs for you, at purchase and in the cost of operation.

But the most awesome enhancement to your outdoor summer gathering- the ultimate residential ice makers - are the outdoor models suitable for installation on your deck, by the pool, or near the grill. Rugged and durable, they are the essence of convenience. Imagine a more than adequate supply of ice cubes on hand within a few feet. "Here's a burger (or veggie kabob)," you'll say to your guest, "and there's plenty of ice."

Ice made outdoors and it's not even wintertime. How incredible is that?

So now that summer is officially here, do the cool thing. This summer, beat the heat and get an ice maker that will keep your drinks cool, and never miss a party again. This article provides details regarding those outdoor approved ice makers, and provides a much more extensive background on outdoor ice makers. Check them out, and consider one for your home.

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