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Ice Crushers and Their Applications


[posted June 22, 2012]

Crushed ice has many applications, from use in refreshing drinks in the house or restaurant, to properly storing fish on commercial fishing boats, to supermarket seafood and produce displays. It provides rapid cooling in beverages, and conforms extremely well to the shape of food on display shelves. Long gone are the days when a wooden mallet and a lot of smashing was required to get that delightful crushed ice into our home or business. No longer must you purchase a separate ice machine in order to have your ice crushed properly and crushed well.

In the home, crushed ice is great for beverages, especially on hot days. Because of its smaller size and rapid melting rate, refreshing drinks like iced tea and lemonade cool down quickly. For an ice crusher with residential applications, consider the manual ice crusher from Master of Life. This lightweight, easily operable ice crusher functions with the simple turn of a handle. Ice cubes are loaded into the top compartment and then crushed into a clear container below that holds about two cups of ice. This ice is also ideal for packing a small cooler since it will conform to the shape of all contained items and keep them cooler than traditional large cube ice or ice packs. The Master of Life ice crusher is a great companion to your current undercounter ice maker.

For an automatic ice crusher with commercial applications in the cafe, bar, or restaurant, the Dynamic 53 Electronic Santos Ice Crusher is here to help you serve the best cocktails and mixed drinks. Crushing ice at a rate around 5.5 pounds per minute, you can create delicious iced coffees, fancy frozen margaritas or strawberry daiquiris, great for summertime specials and outdoor bars and cafes. This Dynamic ice crusher can sit on a counter top adjacent to your ice machine and storage bin for optimal workflow. Impress your customers and offer them these delightful iced drink options, which are sure to increase sales and improve beverage quality.

For large scale ice crushing, Nor-Lake offers the N14CR. This ice crusher is a necessity for any commercial establishment that requires great amounts of crushed ice on a daily basis. Included on this list are supermarkets, athletic facilities, and commercial fishing boats, among others. In supermarkets, crushed ice can be used in fish or produce displays to show off fresh food. Crushed ice has many uses on the athletic side of the ball as well. In ice baths, crushed ice will conform to the body, and can be applied after injuries to reduce swelling. On the ocean, prevent fish from spoiling by filling polycarbonate bins with large quantities of crushed ice. Create a simple brine solution by mixing crushed ice and a small amount of salt water to keep fish cooler and fresher for longer periods of time.

Having an ice crusher on hand offers many advantages to the owner. At home, provide cool refreshing drinks for you and your family. In the restaurant industry, keep drinks cooler and allow new menu items to be served at your establishment. The Nor-Lake N14CR then gives those that require crushed ice on the largest scale the ability to create it without being required to purchase a new ice machine. Consider one of the ice crushers at Ice Machines Plus if you desire or require your cubes to be crushed.