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Ice Machine FAQs


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For those looking to buy a new ice machine there may be a desire for more information or you may have questions that have yet to be answered. This page was designed to answer your questions, and eliminate any doubts you may have about purchasing a new ice machine. Whether you need an ice machine or ice maker for your home, business, hotel, or restaurant, we have the all the information to make you feel confident about your purchase. A lot of these questions may have never crossed your mind, but by educating yourself further, you will be able to find the perfect new ice machine. Rather than post short, vague answers to these questions, we decided to provide links to our resources that answer each question fully.

Do Not Disturb Sign on Door

Is There a Way to Quiet Down My Hotel Ice Machine?

(October 2, 2013)
When it comes to finding a quiet ice machine for your hotel, there are actually quite a few options that should be considered. Each company provides remote air cooled or water cooled ice machines that operate much more quietly than standard air cooled ice machines. The quiet operation minimizes the chance that your guests will suffer awake as the ice machine rattles and clangs outside their room. This will lead to happier guests and better reviews online. The hotel ice machine is often the most commonly used appliance by your guests as well, so it is wise to spare no expense to find the best ice machine for your establishment.

Broken Ice Machine Sign

My Ice Machine is Broken, What Do I Do?

(September 26, 2013)
Sooner or later, your ice machine will make its last cube, and it will be time to look for a new ice machine. If you are looking to try to salvage your ice machine this article contains contact information for all ice machine companies, at Ice Machines Plus. If your unit can be repaired, you will be able to find the right person to complete the work. Most companies have factory authorized technicians around the country that can service your ice machine, and are specifically trained to work on each unit. We also detail some of the steps that should be taken if your ice machine stops working, so you can remain open while your ice machine is serviced or replaced. If your ice machine cannot be prepared, you are already in the right place to find a new one.

Manitowoc NEO Logo

What's All the Hype about the Manitowoc NEO?

(September 9, 2013)
The Manitowoc NEO is one of the the newest, most advanced undercounter ice machines ever produced - from none other than Manitowoc. While we have documented much the advancements made by Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines, no one has come close to imparting these features on an undercounter ice machine... until now. Manitowoc designed this ice machine to leave the competition in the past. With features like delayed ice making, and improved efficiency, the Manitowoc NEO is an ice machine that should be marveled at. Read the full article for all of the features the NEO brings to the table.

Water Splashing Question Mark

Which Water Cooled Ice Machine Uses the Least Amount of Water?

(August 27, 2013)
Water cooled ice machines are by nature, very wasteful. Some can use and waste over 1,000 gallons of water on a daily basis when making ice at full capacity. This can cause your water bill to increase dramatically. In this article, we set out to answer the question at hand - which water cooled ice machine uses the least amount of water. In most cases, Hoshizaki was the most efficient, but there were a few surprises upon completion of this study. Continue reading to find out which ice machine to choose if you must choose a water cooled ice machine.

College Building

What Are the Best Appliances to Consider for a College Apartment or Frat House?

(August 21, 2013)
At Ice Machines Plus, we are not solely concerned with the needs of restaurant owners and hotel operators. We know that you may need ice for other reasons as well, and in college, it becomes increasingly important. Our selection of undercounter ice machines and refrigerators mentioned in this article are designed with maximum quality and sold at the minimum price allowable, to suit most college budgets. Check them out the ICEU150 and GEMU090 for two of the most popular undercounter ice machines available.

Ice-O-Matic Logo

What Sets Ice-O-Matic Apart from the Competition?

(August 15, 2013)
Ice-O-Matic does a great deal to stand out from other companies. Whether it be the lower cost of their ice machines, their wide selection of Energy Star qualified ice machines, or simply the fact that their ice machines have the best overall ice production potential, one thing is certain, Ice-O-Matic goes well above and beyond what's expected from your average company. Ice-O-Matic cuber heads are also covered by the longest conditional warranty in the industry. In this article, we explain everything Ice-O-Matic does to provide one of the most desirable ice machines available.

Hotel Ice Dispenser and Ice Storage Bin

Should I Choose a Hotel Ice Dispenser or Ice Storage Bin for my Hotel?

(July 30, 2013)
In the past, most hotels were outfitted solely with an ice machine and ice dispenser, Recently however, we've noticed some hospitality establishments straying from the traditional ice dispenser, and there has been an increasing trend in hotels and motels where owners are buying ice machines with ice storage bins as opposed to the standard hotel ice dispenser. There are definitely a few benefits to the ice storage bin, they cannot be reaped by everyone. With this article, we compare and contrast the advantages of owning the standard ice storage bin versus owning a hotel ice dispenser. Keep reading to find out which one suits your establishment best.

Cost Is Key. How Can I Get the Most Bang for My Buck?

(July 18, 2013)
Everyone is trying to save a bit of additional money these days, so it is natural that you would do the same when searching for a new ice machine. In this article, we detail the ways in which Scotsman ice machines not only cost less up front, but also offer greater benefits to the user in terms of cost of operation, conservative use of resources, and ice production. Using an Energy Star qualified ice machine will also allow your business to qualify for rebates to further cut the cost of owning a Scotsman ice machine.

Ice Machine Head

Why Isn’t My Ice Machine Making Ice?

(July 10, 2013)
This question cannot be answered with a single response, so we created this article that examines all of the possible reasons your ice machine has stopped making ice. From warm temperatures to an unplugged machine, there are more than a few reasons for your ice machine's slacking production. We try to cover everything that could possibly have gone wrong with your ice machine, and also offer some possible solutions, so you can get your ice machine up and running again and save money on costly repairs.

Hotel Ice Machine and Ice Dispenser

Which Ice Dispenser is Best for My Hotel?

(July 3, 2013)
There are many factors that go into finding the right ice dispenser for your hotel. The size of your hotel, the climate of your area, and whether you will have one ice machine and dispenser in your lobby or one on every floor all play a part in the decision making. Some ice dispensers store more ice than others. Some dispense ice more rapidly. This guide will help you find the best hotel ice dispenser for your hotel or motel, and allow you to compare side by side all of the ice dispensers offered at Ice Machines Plus.

Fine Print

What Your Ice Machine Company Isn’t Telling You

(June 28, 2013)
When it comes time to buy a new ice machine, it is exceedingly important to do your homework, and research the individual benefits that each ice machine can provide for your business. There are however, some things that each ice machine company does not want you to know. You can find these things by reading the fine print or by simply reading this article here. Don't buy an ice machine simply based on what the company does well. Find out where their faults lie too and make a more educated decision.

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine

What Are Some of the Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Commercial Ice Machine?

(June 28, 2013)
In this article, we detail a some of the most important things to consider before buying a new commercial ice machine. These include ice production rates, energy and water use, and size of the ice machine to name a few. By reading this article, you can be better informed during the buying process and know exactly what to look for when purchasing a new ice machine.

Scotsman Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

What Is the Best Countertop Ice Maker for my Business?

(June 25, 2013)
This question may be difficult to answer, as the ice requirements of many establishments can vary drastically. We compare four of the most popular countertop ice makers available at IceMachinesPlus in the following article. We examine Ice makers from Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic and profile them to give the consumer the information required to make an educated purchase. These ice makers may all look outwardly similar, but they all provide different benefits and excel at doing different tasks. At the end of this article, we include a downloadable image that can be used to easily compare these four countertop ice makers to one another.

Profits Going Up

How Well Do You Know Your Ice Machine?

(June 10, 2013)
We wrote this article and included a quiz with some of the more "infrequently asked questions related to ice machines. If you're looking for a new ice machine, take the quiz at the end of this short article and we guarantee you will learn something you didn't know related to your ice machine. The more you know about ice machines and the ice machine buying process, the more money you can expect to save by finding the best ice machine for your business.

Scotsman MDT2C12A

What Are the Major Differences Between Scotsman's Countertop Ice Makers?

(May 17, 2013)
Scotsman is one company that put a lot of time into developing their countertop ice makers. They come in different sizes, make a variety of different types of ice, and produce anywhere from 275 to over 700 pounds of ice. The article and images that follow will help you get a firm grasp on Scotsman's most popular countertop ice makers.

Scotsman Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Undercounter Ice Makers are Limited in the Amount of Ice They Make. How Do We Get More Ice from a Compact Ice Maker?

(May 15, 2013)
Countertop ice makers from Scotsman are a great way to get a lot of ice into an area that does not offer a great deal of space. These nugget ice makers make upwards of 500 pounds of ice per day, and can be placed almost anywhere ice is desired. They combine the compact size of an undercounter ice maker with the higher output of an ice making head. These countertop ice makers are perfect for offices, cafeterias, and health care facilities. Continue reading to find out more about these countertop ice makers from Scotsman's MDT Series.

Scotsman Ice Logo

Why Is Nugget Ice So Popular?

Scotsman's nugget ice has been increasing in popularity since the day it was introduced. Light, airy, and chewable, it has aptly been called the "People's Ice". Our recent "Best Ice Ever" Tournament confirmed that this ice truly is the most popular ice in the United States.

Scotsman Ice Express System

Our Business Requires Ice in a Variety of Locations. Is There Any Way to Transport Ice Easily?

If you've got an ice machine and need to transport the ice it creates, the process can be a difficult, tedious one. However, with Scotsman's Ice Express System, ice is moved easily, and more importantly, ice can be transported in a sanitary way well. This article provides more details regarding Scotsman's Ice Express System, which is great if you have one ice machine, but require ice to be moved all around your establishment.

We Need Our Ice Machine Shipped Fast! Do Some Companies Ship Faster than Others?

When you run out of ice, your entire business may have to shut down! Many businesses rely on ice production from their ice machine on a daily basis, so if your ice machine goes down, and you need a new one, you'll need it fast. Find out how Ice-O-matic can get select ice machines to you in less than 48 hours!

Ice-O-Matic Ice Logo

Our Company is Just Starting Out and We Need an Inexpensive Ice Machine that Makes a Lot of Ice. Any Suggestions?

Whether your business is just starting out, or you've been around for years, it is important to find the best deal and lowest prices on any new product. Ice-O-Matic provides the most ice for the price, and their ice machines sell for sometimes hundreds of dollars less than the competition. If you want a quality ice machine and don't want to pay a ton up front, consider Ice-O-Matic.

Ice Machine on Patio

Are There Any Ice Machines that We Can Use Outside?

An outdoor ice maker provides an excellent added convenience to any deck, patio, or pool area. However, there are very few ice machines or ice makers that have been approved for outdoor use, and all of them are smaller, with lower daily outputs. They are all designed with commercial quality to last.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Logo

Where Can I Find an Ice Machine that Makes Hospital Ice?

This is a common question we field for our customers who want hospital ice, but aren't particularly fond of their recent stay in the hospital. We cite the GEMU090 as the best ice machine to get the nugget ice produced in the hospital into your own home. It is small, compact, and makes a good amount of ice per day. More details are provided in the full article.

Ice-O-Matic ICEU150

What is Your Most Popular Undercounter Ice Machine?

The Ice-O-Matic ICEU150 is by far one of the most popular undercounter ice makers available at Ice Machines Plus. This unit packs a punch, making it perfect for those that don't have a lot of space, but want an ice machine that makes a lot of ice every day. The full or half cubes produced by the ICEU150 are ideal for soft drinks and mixed drinks, making this ice machine a great asset at social clubs or for small to midsize social gatherings. The ICEU150 can also be used in the home, especially if you enjoy hosting parties or social events. Keep reading to learn more.

Undercounter Ice Maker

Which Undercounter Ice Maker Makes the Most Ice?

For those looking for great production from a compact ice maker, this article is a life-saver. Not only does it identify the ice maker with the highest daily output, but it also examines those the way in which temperature affects ice production when it increases.

Profits Going Up

We're Buying a New Ice Machine and We Want to Lower the Cost of Operation. What Should We Consider?

Scotsman and Manitowoc ice machines are at the top of any list if you're looking to lower cost of operation. Both feature new cutting edge technology that allow the operator total control over their ice machine and its ice making capabilities. You can control when your machine makes ice, be alerted of cleaning schedules, and be alerted if your machine malfunctions. All of these things help decrease the cost of operation and ownership.

Hoshizaki Stainless Steel Evaporator Plate

What's All the Fuss Over Hoshizaki's Stainless Steel Evaporator Plate?

Hoshizaki is the only ice machine company that offers a stainless steel evaporator plate with their ice machines. You remember the saying, "It's what's inside that counts"? That's exactly what Hoshizaki demonstrates here as their ice machines require service less often, and their evaporator plates often face fewer problems, last longer, and require service less frequently due to their superior construction. Read the full article to find out more about Hoshizaki's stainless steel evaporator plates.

Used and New Water Filter

Do I Need a Water Filter for My Ice Machine?

This is always a tough question to field, because additional water filters can sell for hundreds of dollars. Water filters are not necessarily vital to your ice machine, but they improve the quality of your ice, and extend the life of your ice machine and its components. So while they're not necessarily "required" for your ice machine, they are incredibly important. Read on for more details.

Remote Air Cooled Ice Machine

What's the Difference Between an Air Cooled, Water Cooled, and Remote Air Cooled Condenser?

This question is not only answered in this article, but it also provides more details as to what makes an ice machine with a remote air cooled condenser so desirable for your business - especially if you require ice to be made on a larger scale. The condenser type can have a great affect on your ice machine's ice making abilities, especially if your ice machine operates in warmer climates.

Cleaning Ice Machine

What Could Happen if We Don't Use a Water Filter and Don't Clean Our Ice Machine?

Well, the results can be nothing short of catastrophic for you, your business, and your customers. Forget the unsanitary ice your machine is producing. Did you know some health inspectors now post their findings on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+? Try recovering from the dreaded "Slime in the Ice Machine" tweet. Read more to find out what else neglecting to care for your ice machine can do.

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine

Who Provides the Most Advanced Ice Machine to Date?

It's difficult to argue that Manitowoc ice machines are not the most advanced ice machines available at the moment. Their technology supersedes the competition, and Manitowoc is constantly reinvesting in their ice machines to keep ahead of the pack. This article examines whether or not Manitowoc ice machines deserve to be called the best ever.

Pie Chart

Our Last Ice Machine Didn't Produce the Amount of Ice We Thought It Would. Why Does This Happen?

Your ice machine's production rate can be negatively affected by the surrounding environment. Ice production rates may decrease if your ice machine has does not have proper clearance or ventilation, and with an increase in external temperature. We reexamine ice machine production rates here, and show why your ice machine might not be producing the expected amount of ice.

Ice Machine Cleaner

How Do We Go About Cleaning Our Ice Machine

Some ice machines are easier to clean than others, requiring owners to simply push a button to start the cleaning or sanitation process. Other ice machine require a more complex process.This guide gives you a quick overview on how to properly clean your ice machine and keep it in solid working order.

5 Star Tips

We Just Bought a New Ice Machine and We Don't Want to Buy Another Anytime Soon. How Can We Get the Most Out of Our Machine?

From care to cleaning, to warranty and quality, there are many things you can do to ensure that your ice machine lives a long life, full of crystal clear ice cubes. Rather than worry about ordering another new ice machine a few years down the road, it is far easier to keep your current unit running effectively.

Ice-O-Matic Green ReLeaf

All Companies Sell Energy Star Ice Machines. What Separates Ice-O-Matic from the Crowd?

Ice-O-Matic ice machines are incredibly conservative when it comes to water and electrical use. But Ice-O-Matic takes energy saving a step further through their Green ReLeaf Program. We detail that program in this article here.

Manitowoc Snowflake

I Loved my Old Manitowoc Ice Machine, but it was a Little Loud. Can I Change This When I Buy a New One?

Air cooled ice machines can be a bit loud, so going with a remote air cooled ice machine on your next purchase may be a good decidion. Manitowoc's ice machines have long enjoyed their popularity, but their remote air cooled ice machines are add another layer of functionality to ice making process. Combine the quiet, consistent operation provided by a remote air cooled ice machine with everything that Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines bring to the table and you've got one of the quietest, most efficient ice machines around.