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Ice Crushers & Shavers

Ice Crushers and Shavers


These devices work to turn your existing ice cubes into shaved ice, or crushed ice, just as their names suggest. Some operate manually, with the turn of a handle, allowing you to serve frozen beverages in your own home. Others operate automatically and are better for commercial bar use, as ice is placed in from the top, and a motor is turned on to grind the ice to smaller pieces. This ice is also great for seafood displays or for use in the salad bar. The larger ice crusher is for use in larger commercial establishments. If you own a fish market, these are the ice crushers you need to consider. Ice is deposited in a large, polycarbonate tote for easy transport of large quantities of ice.

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  1. Fleetwood SB3 - Countertop Ice Crusher Shaver

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  2. Santos Automatic Ice Shaver 09

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  3. Sirman Triton 60090048 - Stainless Steel Ice Crusher - 64 Ounce Capacity

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  4. Nor-Lake N14CRSS-A Ice Crusher

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