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About Undercounter Ice Machines


Does it take your employees a long time to serve a drink because they constantly have to go back to the kitchen to get ice? Instead of wasting your employees and customer’s valuable time, invest in a commercial undercounter machine that will cut employee times and customer waiting times.

Commercial Undercounter Ice Machines are used for:

  • Resturaunts
  • Bars
  • Institutions
  • And many more places of business.

By investing in a commercial undercounter ice machine, you can ensure that your employees will be more efficient, and in turn, your customers will be happier.

At Ice Machines Plus, we have only included the best of the best when it comes to undercounter machines. Each machine has high ratings in durability, convenience, and quality.

Have any questions about the different types of undercounter ice machines that we offer? Please contact our knowledgeable team today! 

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24/hr Ice Production
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  1. 32" - 34"
  2. 38" - 40"
  3. 40" - 42"
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  5. 46" and Up
  1. Hoshizaki
  2. Ice-O-Matic
  3. Manitowoc
  4. Scotsman
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