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Ice-O-Matic Evaporator Plates- Strong and Proud


[posted October 10, 2011]


Ice-O-Matic is very proud of their evaporator plates. In fact, Ice-O-Matic makes them all in their own factories. They do not contract out for this main component. The evaporator plates are fabricated on site, inspected and tested, and then installed in the units on the assembly line. But these are not assembled by automation. The evaporator plates are fitted by the hard-working employees who pay attention to each installation, to every weld and joint.

What can this mean for you when you are investigating the many choices of brands of ice machine manufacturers? It means that Ice-O-Matic goes to great lengths to give you a high quality ice machine with a superior evaporator plate. You can rest assured Ice-O-Matic has taken the time to design, build and install this plate with great care.

Many manufacturers take pride in their designs and innovations. Some even have evaporator plates unique to their brand and machines. Ice-O-Matic can truly say that they build their machines from the bottom up, crossing copper strips on their evaporator plate grids like logs in a sturdy log cabin or the solid structure of a building foundation. When the ice machine says "Ice-O-Matic" on the outside, you can be sure that Ice-O-Matic put everything they have into the ice machine. Ice-O-Matic's evaporator plate is also covered by the longest warranty in the ice making industry, providing seven years of coverage with the purchase and replacement of a suitable water filter. No other ice machine producer comes close to matching this warranty, showing the confidence Ice-O-Matic has in their evaporator plates.

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