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Ice-O-Matic - GEMD Series Dispenses Pearls of Purity


[posted February 20, 2012]

Ice-O-Matic logo

Ice-O-Matic stands out from their competition with their devotion to the quality of their products and what they represent. In the commercial food service and hospitality industry, "pure and simple" is hard to find. Ice-O-Matic bases the character of their company on these attributes, so their products truly represent the concepts of "pure and simple". By utilizing quality water filtration systems, the water used for their ice machines is at a high standard of purity while the machines themselves are simple and easy to use. One example of "pure and simple" is the touch-less ice and water dispensers of Ice-O-Matic's GEMD Series.

The GEMD ice machines from Ice-O-Matic are smart pieces of equipment designed for placement anywhere an ice and water dispenser is needed - places like rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or offices. With three GEMD models having an ice production rate of 523 pounds per day, it is enough daily ice for a medium-sized foodservice operation. The sleek and simple design of the GEMD Pearl Ice and Water dispenser allows it to fit and be stored in any small area of a dining room, a self-serve cafeteria-style eatery, or even a small hallway. For the healthcare and rehabilitation industry, one of Ice-O-Matic's GEMD models is a perfect option for a facility looking for an easy to use ice and water dispenser that produces pure, sanitary ice and filtered water for its patients.

The GEMD and its touchless, optical sensor for dispensing is made to erase sanitary issues and makes filling up pitchers or glasses faster and safer. With little room for cross-contamination, this is a perfect machine for the healthcare industry. With exclusive anti-bacterial technology that ensures sanitary protection from bacteria and odor, the GEMD is safe for frequent use by patients and health care employees. One of the most popular ice types in the food service industry is Ice-O-Matic's Pearl Ice. Its soft and chewable pearl ice pellets are perfect for serving with beverages and for health care patients who desire chewable ice.

One of the great features of the GEMD Ice/Water dispensers from Ice-O-Matic is that models come in a variety of storage amounts, from 12 to 90 pounds in the hopper above the dispensing chute. So you can select a model that fits your dispensing needs. Plus your GEMD can make much more ice than its storage capacity if so desired. Its quiet operation is perfect for health care settings, assisted living environments and of course hotels and other hospitality facilities. It quickly fills any type of container with ice and water, from a large beverage tumbler to an ice bucket. The GEMD unit has two chutes, one dedicated to ice dispensing and one for water dispensing, allowing quicker serving and making it easier to clean and maintain the machine. This way, operators can also choose the amount of ice and water they wish to have in their glasses.

Since 1952, Ice-O-Matic's only goal has been to make the most pure ice it possibly can. Today, Ice-O-Matic is a leader in ice operations for commercial foodservice establishments and healthcare facilities. As an American company, Ice-O-Matic constantly and publicly reiterates their goal as a company serving many industries - all they do is ice. Their role is to perfect the way ice tastes, looks, and how it is made. Fortunately, Ice-O-Matic has been perfecting ice for quite a long time. This devotion and goal brings so much change to our everyday lives as foodservice customers, workers, health care providers, and patients, yet people outside of these industries often don't notice the brilliance of Ice-O-Matic.

Therefore, when Ice-O-Matic says their ice is pure and simple, they mean that it is in its most pure and natural form and that it is made in the most straightforward manner. There are no extra chemicals added into the machines. Obviously the water used is not dirty or filled with minerals. When it comes to the GEMD Series, and all of their ice makers, Ice-O-Matic's innovative agION antimicrobial technology comes standard. These technologies are integrated for essential food service operations, creating safeguards for sanitation and maintenance. As for Ice-O-Matic's water filtration system, you can be confident that it enhances the purity of the ice and prevents unwanted minerals and bacteria that can cause odor and scale build up.

The GEMD Ice and Water Dispenser by Ice-O-Matic is a pure and simple machine, perfect for health care settings and food service establishments. With a practical design and easy to use features, the GEMD ice machines are an optimal choice. The sleek design can fit in any small area, making installation of the GEMD simple and easy. If you are looking for quality and reliability in your ice maker dispenser, you simply can't go wrong with Ice-O-Matic.

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