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Ice-O-Matic ICE2106 Keeps Cool When Things Heat Up


[posted June 20, 2012]

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It goes without saying that if you purchase an ice machine to provide large-scale ice production, then your business probably requires a great amount of ice on hand every day. With that in mind, you will not benefit from an ice machine that has the ability to produce around 2000 pounds a day unless it actually produces that amount of ice.

The ICE2106 from Ice o'matic produces 1998 pounds of ice under ideal temperature conditions, more than enough for large restaurants, bars, casinos, and nightclubs. To get the absolute most out of your ice machine consider the ICE2106HR or ICE2106FR, featuring a remote air-cooled condenser. A remote air-cooled ice machine allows the condenser to be moved to a remote location, away from the ice machine so it will not be as affected by hot temperature changes.

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has measured and shown that under adverse temperature conditions, ice machines' production rates can be dramatically reduced. With warmer surrounding air and warmer water, you can lose almost a quarter of your ice machine's production or more. This is why having a remote condenser makes sense, for consistent, quality ice production.

The Ice o'matic ICE2106 produces either half cubes (ICE2106HR) or full ice cubes (ICE2106FR) which are perfect for soft or mixed drinks. This is the largest cuber model available from Ice o'matic, and is built with all the quality that consumers have come to expect from Ice o'matic. Standard with this ice machine is the best warranty in the business, with three years parts and labor on everything, five years parts on the evaporator and compressor. They have seven years parts and labor coverage on the evaporator if an Ice o'matic water filter is purchased and replaced every six months.

As mentioned earlier, your ice machine's production rate will suffer if conditions are not optimal. With a remote condenser moved away from warmer areas, such as a hot kitchen, your ice machine will be less affected by temperature changes. Any bar, club, or restaurant owner will understand that there are many reasons for increases in temperature. Seasonal weather changes may warm up the area where your ice machine is stored. An increase in business, additional kitchen equipment, or higher occupancy can raise the internal temperature of your building greatly, especially if people are dancing, moving, and socializing. Moving your ice machine's condenser outside the building allows it some relief in these instances with greater air circulation.

The Ice o'matic ICE2106 has a few other advantages as well. It measures only 26 inches tall, so accommodating space for this high-powered ice machine should not be problem. The Pure Ice features from Ice o'matic provide antimicrobial protection and inhibit bacteria and scale buildup in your ice machine, providing the freshest tasting ice at all times. The Harvest Assist feature provides consistent ice production while reducing energy consumption for the life of your ice machine.

With the ICE2106 and its remote condenser, you can rest assured that your ice machine will provide consistent production of large amounts of quality ice and be less affected by temperature changes around your ice machine. Check out the ICE2106HR and ICE2106FR on to find the perfect ice machine to provide large scale ice production for your business.

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