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The Ice-O-Matic IOD150 Continues Dispensing Greatness


[posted April 3, 2012]

The Ice-O-Matic IOD150 Continues Dispensing Greatness - from Ice-O-Matic   Ice-O-Matic

Ice-O-Matic's IOD150 Ice Dispenser provides owners with the perfect compact tool for dispensing ice. These dispensers are a great addition to any foodservice establishment where ice is self-served. The IOD150 Ice Dispenser measures in at only 22 inches wide, making it an easy fit anywhere it is needed. If you're looking for a convenient way to distribute ice, this machine should be strongly considered.

The IOD150 has a 150-pound storage capacity in its hopper above the dispenser chute and it is constructed with corrosion proof stainless steel, making it sturdy and durable. Its one-inch thick insulation foam keeps ice from melting and allows it to last longer. This also equates to a more consistent flow of ice from machine to glass, as hard, dry cubes are easier to dispenser than soft wet ones. Ice-O-Matic also instills an Auto-Rotation system that turns the ice consistently every hour to prevent it from clumping and becoming stuck together, which would otherwise hinder the flow of ice..

This dispenser also makes use of Ice-O-Matic's Direct Dispense technology. Direct Dispenser is helpful as it ensures that ice flows directly into the user's glass every time. It involves a simple, dispensing lever that, when pushed, causes ice to be distributed through the chute. The IOD150 comes with a larger, open, clear space for dispensing. With almost 10.5 inches of clearance space, almost any container (including pitchers or other large canisters) can easily fit under the chute while ice is delivered.

The IOD150 also provides operates very quietly, making it a perfect fit in the office or in health care facilities if an ice dispenser is desired. It can be fit to distribute cube ice, half cubes, and Ice-O-Matic's Pearl Ice. Pearl ice, the country's favorite chewable ice, is desirable in health care facilities as it is soft and chewable. For businesses, it helps displace more liquid in beverages as well. The IOD150 ice dispensers also have the ability to serve water, making the need for a separate water fountain a thing of the past.

Ice-O-matic's self-serve models by Ice-O-Matic are useful when it comes to convenience stores, cafeterias, and restaurants. They relieve the stress of dealing with every individual beverage need and the unit is a great asset to any place that has buffet style service. By accompanying the IOD150 with a half cube ice machine or a Pearl ice machine, customers' beverage consumption can be limited since ice can fit more snugly into glasses.

If the Ice-O-Matic IOD150 is not large enough to suit your ice dispensing needs, Ice-O-Matic has larger models such as the IOD200 and IOD250, each with larger ice holding capacities. Ice-O-Matic's long line of products helps bolster their reputation, and they to focus on nothing but ice and all things ice related. If you're in the market for a new ice dispenser or any other ice related product, we're always here to help at Ice Machines Plus.

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