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Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice: The People's Ice


[posted June 23, 2011]

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From my time working at Ice Machines Plus, I have noticed that the Pearl Ice is one of the most popular ice styles out there. It is called by different names depending on who you ask, like "cubelet", "Sonic", nugget, but Ice-O-Matic feels that PEARL Ice is the best description for this type of ice. And like the proverbial "pearl of great worth", people value the versatility of this type of ice. Pearl Ice, by Ice-O-Matic, is great in any foodservice situation, including restaurants, convenience stores, and healthcare facilities.

Restaurant owners should take Pearl Ice into serious consideration if looking for a new ice machine. One simple reason for this is because Pearl Ice fills more cups and glasses more fully, and displaces liquid better than standard ice cubes. Having a Pearl ice maker means saving on soda syrup and liquor costs because the ice-to-beverage ratio is greater than with other ice types and sizes. More ice and less liquid in the cup is of course better for you as a foodservice business since your beverages typically cost more than your ice by volume.

Pearl Ice also makes it easier for a restaurant owner and employees to blend smoothies because of the softer properties of the ice. This makes your smoothie less likely to have small chunks of ice that can get stuck in the straw, something which none of your customers ever enjoy. Pearl Ice blends better than other ice types, allowing your customers to enjoy the smoothie you serve. People appreciate the soft and smooth qualities of Pearl Ice.

Pearl Ice is available only from Ice-O-Matic. Ice-O-Matic has a line of pearl ice machine heads that produce Pearl Ice, aptly called the GEM Series. Ice-O-Matic's modular GEM Ice Makers range from a 455 lb. production rate to a 1040 lb. production rate. If you love the Pearl Ice, there is an Ice-O-Matic GEM unit that will meet your foodservice needs.

The GEM ice maker goes hand-in-hand with the Ice-O-Matic IOD dispenser. It is fitting that a smooth, perfect ice is accompanied by a smooth dispensing unit to service you and your customers. The IOD Series dispensers provide that fast service with "push-to-dispense" operation and a direct dispense design feature that makes sure that the ice is dispensed directly into the glass. The GEM series ice makers sit securely on the IOD and drop the ice into the dispenser's large, built-in storage bin.

Another way to enjoy Pearl Ice is with the GEMD270A unit. This ice maker combined with an ice and water dispenser includes a "touch free" design which makes the serving of Pearl Ice much more sanitary as opposed to the "push-to-dispense" designs. This model also runs quietly, making it ideal for office, healthcare and cafeteria usage.

Finding a pearl in the ocean can be very exciting - so can finding a pearl in your drink (pearl ice, that is). The soft chewable ice has become a favorite among people all around the country. Whether it's restaurant owners saving money on beverage dispensing, coffee shop clerks easily blending smoothies, or just someone who loves to chew on ice, Ice-O-Matic's Pearl Ice has in fact become "The People's Ice".

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