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Ice-O-Matic Provides Service, FAST


[posted January 26, 2012]


Ice-O-Matic has one of the best warranty programs for cube ice makers in the ice machine industry. They are so confident in the high-quality evaporator plates that they use in their ICE series of cubers that they have created a warranty program that guarantees the evaporator plate for seven years. Basically Ice-O-Matic has said that if you purchase a water filter and regularly change the filter cartridge, thus keeping your ice machine cleaner, they know that you are unlikely to have any issues with the evaporator. And if you do have issues, they will pay for parts and labor to get your ice machine making ice once more.

Seven years of coverage shows serious confidence in their evaporator components. This is by far the longest warranty coverage in the ice machine industry. The industry standard is at five years or less in some cases.

But what if you did have an issue with something other than the evaporator? What if the machine stops producing ice, or what happens if the ice grows and freezes over components at another location inside the unit? Perhaps the water pump has gone bad or the temperature sensor started malfunctioning. All of these components are covered by Ice-O-Matic under their base three year parts and labor warranty.

Ice-O-Matic's warranty is phenomenal. So, if your ice machine does run into a problem, how can you get it serviced?

Ice-O-Matic provides you with several options. First, you have two toll free numbers which you can use to contact the Ice-O-Matic factory. The first is 1-800-423-3367, which is their main customer service support line. The second is a 24 hour assistance line at 1-866-787-3423. Both of these numbers will connect you to helpful Ice-O-Matic factory personnel in Denver, Colorado.

If they cannot help you solve the problem from the factory, you may need a service technician to come to your location to diagnose or work on your equipment. The easiest way to find the your closest service company is to visit and click on the "Find a Distributor or Service Tech" link on the right side of their web pages. Then simply type in your postal zip code and the closest companies will be listed.

Some of the technician companies will be labeled as ELITE FAST PREFERRED PROVIDER. F.A.S.T. means "Factory Authorized Service Technician". These companies have technicians who have been factory-trained to provide prompt, professional service. F.A.S.T. means prompt AND approved, so if you can find one of these technicians, you will find faster, and most likely better service. Other technician companies that appear on the website list may have been trained locally and are all good companies that can work on your machine. F.A.S.T technicians may simply provide service a bit more promptly and accurately.

Lastly, because Ice-O-Matic lives by their motto "Ice - Pure and Simple", their equipment is composed of basic refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical components. Any professional familiar with these fields could - at the very least- diagnose your ice machine. There are no complicated computer circuits and control panels with Ice-O-Matic machines. While some of the newer ice machines from Manitowoc and Scotsman feature onboard computers and electronics, Ice-O-Matic focuses on what they know best- creating a ton of ice.

If something ever does go wrong with your ice machine, you will want the peace of mind that a FAST Technician can offer you. Plus, for warranty covered work, a technician with a relationship to Ice-O-Matic will be needed so the warranty work can be covered and compensated. This is the best way to go about servicing your Ice-O-Matic ice machine, and the only way to have all of the work and service done covered by the warranty. Check out Ice-O-Matic's best ice machines on our Ice-O-Matic page, or find out more information on our Ice-O-Matic Information Center.

All in all, Ice-O-Matic makes it easy for YOU to be as confident in their ice machines as they are.

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