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What Is Lift Gate Service?


If your product is not going to be delivered to a commercial location, OR if you do not have a loading dock, forklift, or other means of removing your product from the delivery truck, you will require liftgate service and will incur a fee. The liftgate is a mechanical platform attached to the back of the truck used to lower larger pieces of equipment and appliances from the truck to the ground.

Lift gate service will lower the equipment to the ground and the customer is responsible for bringing it inside the location.

All equipment delivered to residential areas, or to commercial locations without the ability to lower the equipment to the ground will be charged for liftgate service.

Note: Lift Gate service is a separate and additional fee. Items labeled as "Free Shipping" can still require a Lift Gate Service fee.

If the driver arrives at the shipping destination and the location requires a lift gate, and if the customer has not selected lift gate service at the time of the order, the driver will NOT be able to deliver the equipment. Arrangements for lift gate service after shipping will incur additional charges in on top of the liftgate fee.