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Manitowoc Indigo: Do You Know What Your Ice Machine is Thinking?


[posted May 20, 2011]

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The Manitowoc Indigo series ice machines have been rolling out to anxious customers around the country. The newest line introduced by Manitowoc this past February replaces their successful "S" Series machines and looks to build upon the positive aspects of Manitowoc's previous models.

With the "smart" technologies incorporated into the Indigo units, you are able to monitor the refrigeration systems, manage your water and electricity usage, and maintain the ice's quality. You communicate with these ice machines through the state-of-the-art digital display and control panel mounted conveniently on the outside front of the units. This way, you will always be a glance or touch away from knowing what your ice machine is doing and "thinking".

Nearly all of the Indigo models are currently available for purchase at Ice Machines Plus. You can shop for any of the 30" Indigo models or the 22" Indigo models. The larger 48" Indigo units are in production and release is anticipated for the second half of 2011 when they will replace the old "S" Series 48" units.

Your foodservice business will run more efficiently and cost-effectively when you can stay on top of your equipment needs. Manitowoc Indigo ice machines let you know up front exactly what is happening inside, helping you spend less time guessing or worrying and more time managing your business.

Manitowoc Indigo series: Know what your ice machine is thinking.

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