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Manitowoc RN-0408A: Chewable Ice - Lasting Confidence



[posted February 2, 2012]

Manitowoc RN-0408A: Chewable Ice - Lasting Confidence  Manitowoc logo

As winner of the Best In Class Award from Food Equipment and Supplies Magazine for 11 consecutive years, Manitowoc is one of the largest commercial ice maker companies in the industry. Known for their reliability, for diverse ice types, and for having one of the largest energy efficient portfolios in the market today, Manitowoc leads the way in ever-evolving, superior products for the food service industry.

Although well-known for their variety of ice types and extensive line of ice machines, the Manitowoc RN-400 modular series is incredibly popular with its well-thought-out design and spectacular tubular or "nugget" ice. Manitowoc nugget ice is soft and chewable, keeping beverages cooler longer since they are composed of only 10% water, meaning you get high quality ice time after time. Fantastic for beverages from soda pop to blended fruit drinks, this ice style is perfect for restaurants and convenience stores. Manitowoc nugget ice decreases water dilution so it always keeps your beverages ice cold, yet full of flavor.

Ice Machines Plus is offering the RN-0408A modular unit, giving you the option to personalize and customize your bin or dispenser options. With hundreds of Manitowoc ice making heads, ice bins, and ice dispensers available, you can be sure to find the ice machine or ice dispenser that your establishment needs. However, the Manitowoc RN-0408A model possesses features like a space-saving design, an evaporator designed for maximum durability and performance, the trendy tubular "nugget" ice, and a fantastic warranty for good measure. Producing up to 385 pounds of nugget ice every day and at only 22 inches wide, the RN-0408A is a great machine for locations with limited available space looking to produce nearly 400 pounds of ice per day. Pre-wired at the Manitowoc factory, the RN-0408A operates electrically by 115 Volts / 60Hz / 1-Phase. Configuration of the RN-0408A is easy, as it is simple to hook up and install. With a compressor rating of 1/2 HP and 5,000 BTU per hour, the RN-0408A packs quite a punch.

Manitowoc is known for their goal of reducing water use to create more energy efficient products and applications. Operating on ambient water temperature ranges means that the ice produced from RN-0408A is at its perfect temperature for various uses. The machine's water pressure capability of up to 70 psi allows correct and accurate water usage for your machine. Ice Machines Plus also carries a wide range of water filters for Manitowoc ice makers, so you can make sure your machine and water quality lasts even longer, and creates the highest quality ice possible.

The RN-0408A by Manitowoc is a high-quality, smart ice machine that many restaurants and convenience stores would be fortunate to have. As an incredibly durable and efficient machine that makes the fantastic nugget ice, and with its quality design and space-saving features, an owner cannot go wrong owning this ice machine. With the ability to be a modular for a dispenser like Manitowoc SV-250 model or as a modular ice machine on a storage bin, we have found that the B-420 bin (which we also offer on our website) is very often purchased with the RN-0408A. Manitowoc warranty is fantastic and really drives the point that the customer (you) is all that matters and that your RN-0408A is running properly and is managed nicely. You get 3-year Parts coverage, and 2-years Labor coverage, with compressor parts warrantied for 5-years and compressor labor for 2-years, allowing you to feel content with your RN-0408A. Such a comprehensive warranty relieves your worry should you ever need service on your equipment. However, you probably won't need service on your Manitowoc RN-0408A for years to come. Consider the Manitowoc RN-0408A for your business, and add one of America's most trusted, popular ice machines to your establishment.

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