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Manitowoc’s IY-1474 and Remote Condenser Provide Superior Silence


[posted July 24, 2012]

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My roommate and I decided to offer one of the neighborhood kids a bit of extra work cutting our lawn for the summer. Things went well at first. He would come while we were at work and we would return home to a well cut lawn. Unfortunately he was a bit of a degenerate, became unreliable, and after he trimmed our grape vines from existence and mowed the tomato plants, well, it was time to search elsewhere for a replacement. Now we have a more reliable person cutting the lawn, but he shows up at 6:00AM with what sounds like a NASA powered lawn mower. All that noise is not an ideal way to start the day, even if it occurs only twice a month.

Fortunately, when it comes to quality production from your ice machine, you need not sacrifice peaceful environment (or your eardrums) for heavy duty ice making. If you’ve ever stood next to your air cooled ice machine, you know it can sound like you’re standing in a wind tunnel. The condenser kicks on with what seems like a violent crash and the incessant whirring begins, cracking the ambiance of the room like a thunderclap in a storm. However, with the Manitowoc IY-1474C ice machine with its remote air cooled condenser, issues like this are a thing of the past.

The IY-1474C is one of Manitowoc’s QuietQube® ice makers. It produces up to 1425 pounds of half dice cubes per day in ideal conditions. With the ICVD-1495 condenser unit outside the building or on the roof, you are guaranteed more consistent production from your ice machine while noise and heat from the condenser are removed and placed away from customers and employees. This ensures a quiet and peaceful environment at all times. The heat produced by the condenser will also not affect your building’s temperature, keeping air conditioning costs down as well.

With the RC-55 tubing from Manitowoc, you are allowed up to 50 feet to move your condenser away from the ice machine. The RC-55 tubing must be field charged with refrigerant and should be done by a professional to avoid under or overcharging. With 50 feet to work with you have plenty of location options for your ICVD-1495 remote air-cooled condenser.

The ICVD-1495 condenser allows the IY-1474C ice machine to operate effectively and efficiently. The ICVD-1495 uses Cool Vapor Defrost Technology (CVD) to allow Manitowoc to move the compressor out of the customers' environment as well. They are one of the only ice machine companies to do this, making the QuiteQube IY-1474C one of the quietest operating ice machines ever.

The half-dice cubes produced by the IY-1474C are ideal for restaurants and bars in mixed drinks or soft drinks. As this machine produces at a rate around 60 pounds of ice per hour, it is ideally suited for larger foodservice businesses. Due to its incredibly efficiency, low water and electricity use, and consistent production, this ice machine has also earned an ENERGY STAR rating. For more information on these high quality pieces of equipment from Manitowoc, be sure to consult the experts at

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