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The Ice Machines Plus Outlet

Ice Machines Plus Outlet - Scratch and Dent

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Welcome to Ice Machines's Scratch and Dent Outlet. Here you will find our recent equipment items that have been discounted due to external damage. All equipment in the Outlet is NEW and Fully Functioning. Equipment is sold "as-is".

Bookmark or save the link for this page as the stock in the Outlet store is always changing. If you don't see something you might be looking for today, come back again, since the items will be regularly updated. The longer the equipment items are in the Scratch and Dent Outlet, the further they can be discounted. Keep an eye out before other customers grab great deals on ice machines, storage bins, and other restaurant equipment with a few minor dings or cosmetic scrapes.

Note that if the current page is empty, that just means that the most recent scratch and dent stock has been sold or we haven't received any items with external damage that we can discount.

Call 877-900-4423 for the most current scratch and dent items in stock.

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Bin Width
  1. 22 in.
Ice Storage Capacity
  1. 300 - 400 lbs
  1. Scotsman
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