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People's Ice Part II - Pearl Ice for Everyone


[posted July 21, 2011]

Ice-O-Matic Logo

Ice-O-Matic has recently announced that they are introducing three new Pearl ice maker/dispensers. The models have the same prefix as the popular GEMD270A, and they are the GEMD520A, GEMD525A, GEMD540A, and the GEMD790A. These machines are not only ice maker/dispensers, they also have built in water dispensers similar to the GEMD270A.

Although they have features similar to the current Pearl Ice Maker/Dispenser Ice-O-Matic has on the market now, these machines are a complete re-design from the GEMD270A. The new GEMD units are all constructed with a stainless steel finish, and have a sleek, European-style squared off shape to them. Also, there are two dispenser spouts (one for ice and one for water) for increased efficiency. Another great feature of these new machines is that they both produce and store significantly more ice than their smaller cousin. The new machines range from 523-pound production to 720-pound production, and from 26 pounds of storage to 90 pounds of storage, and all were designed to sit conveniently on the counter top or table.

Pearl Ice has become a favorite type of ice among people all around the United States. Customers demand the soft, chewable Pearl ice and Ice-O-Matic has recognized that. (They may have had some help from Scotsman who, as their parent company, introduced the world to the lovable nugget ice). Ice-O-Matic is very excited to release their new, expanded GEMD line and to bring Pearl Ice to new heights. They believe that their expanded line of Pearl Ice Makers/Dispensers will be great for any healthcare facility or business office or cafeteria. Ice-O-Matic has heard the people and now there are even more ways to bring pearl ice to everyone.

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