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We recently expanded our product selection beyond solely ice machines, ice makers, and ice storage bins. We now carry an excessive amount of commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers, and commercial dishwashers along with many other products for your business. In an effort to keep you informed with the latest product reviews, information, and news, we created this page here. With new products being added on a daily basis, it can be a head-spinning process, but we try to keep this page updated as often as possible! Check back frequently for the latest updates and information.

True Glass Door Merchandiser

A Beverage Cooler Can Increase Revenue at Your Gym

(September 20, 2013)
There is more to equipping a gym than simply finding the right treadmill or free weights. Your gym members will desire refreshments as well, and when it comes to storing them, True glass door merchandisers are second to none. Whether you desire a single, double, or three door unit, you can provide the perfect selection of pre- and post-workout drinks with any of True's glass door merchandisers. Read this entire article to find out how having a beverage cooler like this can also help increase revenue at your gym.

Hotel Ice Dispenser and Ice Storage Bin

Hotel Ice Dispensers versus Ice Storage Bins: Which Suits You Better?

(July 30, 2013)
Choosing between a hotel ice dispenser and an ice storage bin does not need to be a difficult process. Each has its own advantages, and if you require ice in your hotel or motel, you're going to face these choices. Deciding how you want to store your ice and who has access to it will lead you to the appropriate ice storage appliance. In this article, we compare the benefits of both, so your ice can be stored in the safest, most sanitary way.

Undercounter Glass Washer

Bar Glass Washers Do More Than Wash Glasses

(May 10, 2013)
If you think that owning a bar glass washer will perform one simple task, you could not be more wrong. Washing glasses is an incredibly tedious task, consuming your bartenders' time and causing physical pain and stress. Remove these things, you and your bartenders will be in better spirits, provide better customer service, and have time to tend to more pressing ic

Outdoor patio with kitchen and ice maker

Complete Your Kitchen Redesign with Four New Appliances

(May 7, 2013)
If you are looking to build a new home, or simply remodel your kitchen, these four appliances should receive some consideration. Rather than have a cluttered refrigerator, why not consider some of U-Line's compact, undercounter beverage centers, refrigerators, or wine captains? The products mentioned in this article combine style and convenience- two things no home should lack.

True GDM-72 Glass Door Merchandiser

True’s GDM-72: Make Your Customers Want It!

(April 15, 2013)
There's a certain art to influencing the impulse buy, and with this glass door merchandiser from True, your odds of making your customers purchase certain products will improve greatly. Read more about the three section True GDM-72 and see if you can benefit from the added sales it will provide your business.

Champion Undercounter Dishwasher

High Temperature Dishwashers: The Basics and Benefits

(February 12, 2013)
If you're stuck in the stone age of dishwashing (by hand) then read this article to find out what you're missing in your kitchen or behind your bar. High temperature dishwashers make the dishwashing process infinitely easier, and will cut water costs and save time, which your employees can use to complete other tasks around the kitchen. Continue reading for more detail.

Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

True T-49: A-PLUS Refrigeration

(December 21, 2012)
Before the publish of this article, the "Plus" in our name didn't carry much weight. But now, we carry a great selection of commercial refrigerators that needs to be examined in detail. The True T-49 is one of these refrigerators. For the commercial kitchen, few make a better product than True. American made and affordable, these refrigerators have enjoyed much popularity for a bit of time. Read more about the True T-49 here and see if you can use one in your commercial kitchen.

Hoshizaki Sushi Case

Sushi Display Cases from the Hoshizaki HNC Series: Wide Selection, Broad Horizons

(August 28, 2012)
Hoshizaki is well known for their ice machines, but they provide a variety of other products as well, including their sushi cases. Hoshizaki sushi cases allow you to safely promote your fresh sushi in a sanitary, refrigerated setting. These units are great to pique the interest of your customers, and inspired them to try new (and more) sushi varieties. They are available in a variety of sizes as well. Continue reading for more details.

Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

Water Filters for your Ice Machine: What They Do and Why You Need Them

(August 10, 2012)
You may not be aware of the benefits a water filter can provide for your ice machine, but they are numerous. A water filter will allow your ice machine to produce clear, pure, high quality ice cubes that are taste free and odorless. A water filter can also extend the life of your ice machine by many years, as they remove harmful sediment and minerals that may cause harm to your ice machine over time. Some ice machine companies even extend their warranty with the purchase and replacement of a suitable water filter. Read more to find out what a water filter can do for your ice machine.

Scotsman Ice Express System

The Ice Express System from Scotsman Puts Ice Wherever You Need It

(July 9, 2012)
If you've got an ice machine and need to transport the ice it creates, the process can be a difficult, tedious one. However, with Scotsman's Ice Express System, Ice is moved easily, and more importantly, ice can be transported in a sanitary way well. This article provides more details regarding Scotsman's Ice Express System, which is great if you have one ice machine, but require ice to be moved all around your establishment.

Master of Life Ice Crusher

Ice Crushers and Their Applications

(June 22, 2012)
If you love crushed ice but do not wish to spend any additional money on an ice machine that makes this ice style, consider one of these ice crushers. Some ice crushers mentioned in this article are meant for home use, while others can crush more ice, and are more suitable for large, commercial applications.

Everpure Water Filter System

HQH2O: High Quality Water from EverPure

(June 15, 2012)
The benefits of adding an EverPure water filter to your ice machine have never been greater. Doing so can improve the quality of the ice your machine creates, and also extend the life expectancy of your unit. Adding a water filter will also decrease the amount of service and repairs that your ice machine requires, saving you money in the process. EverPure water filters will provide you and your customers the highest quality ice possible, free from foul odors or tastes.

Calculate Ice Production

Ice Making Rates and How They Affect Your Business

(June 12, 2012)
No two businesses are the same, and generally, neither are their ice requirements. It is imperative that you properly calculate how much ice you require before purchasing your ice machine! There is no worse feeling than realizing you needed an ice machine that produce hundreds or thousands more pounds per day, or that you could have saved thousands of dollars by purchasing an ice machine with a lower output. This article will give some examples regarding ice production rates and how to calculate your requirements based on the kind of business you operate.

Pie Chart

Rethinking Ice Machine Production Rates

(June 1, 2012)
The most important factor to consider when looking for a new ice machine is usually its daily ice production rate. In this article, we look at four of the smaller cuber heads from each major ice machine brand and see how they stack up against each other. While ice production rates vary from ice machine to ice machine, they also fluctuate based on air and water temperature. Read more to find the best way to assess your ice machine and its production rates.

Fine Print

Fine Print - Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

(May 7, 2012)
It can be a helpless feeling. You've waited a full business week for your new ice machine to arrive, signed for it and unpacked it, and then you notice a giant dent on the unit. Now, no one wants to provide assistance because you signed for your ice machine without inspecting it! When your ice machine arrives, there are certain steps and precautions that must be taken in order to prevent this from happening, and they are all detailed here. Continue reading for more information regarding the "fine print" and your rights and responsibilities as a customer.