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Scotsman Celebrates Nugget Ice's 30th Anniversary


[posted March 25, 2011]

Scotsman Luv the Nug

Scotsman Ice Systems is celebrating 30 years of nugget ice with their "Luv the Nug" campaign. Scotsman is very proud to have developed the first ice machine that makes this kind of chewable ice. They are celebrating the 30 year anniversary with contests, prizes, merchandise and even the "Nug Truck" which is traveling across the United States spreading the word about the joys of nugget ice.

Nugget ice is made by freezing water inside a refrigerated cylinder. A rotating auger forces the ice through small openings in the cylinder. This makes small nuggets that are smaller than a marble, great for chewing and for blending cocktails. Healthcare facilities are great places for nugget ice because of the chewable form. Nugget ice is also great for restaurants or bars because there is a high liquid displacement per glass, which saves money on drinks served.

Scotsman offers nugget ice through their Prodigy Series and through their MDT Series ice machines / dispenser series. The Prodigy Series nugget ice machines range from 400 to 1500 pounds of ice production in a 24-hour period. They fit perfectly on Scotsman ID Series Dispensers and can provide a high volume of nugget ice. The MDT Series machines are ice makers and dispensers in one unit. Certain MDT machines also dispense water as well as the nugget ice. MDT machines produce from 525 to 720 pounds of nugget ice every 24 hours.

Thirty years ago, Scotsman created a machine that produced the original chewable ice. Scotsman wants everyone to know how excited they are for the thirty year anniversary of nugget ice with their "Luv the Nug" website.

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