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Scotsman Countertop Ice Makers


Comparing Scotsman's Top Countertop Ice Makers

[posted May 17, 2013]

When it comes to finding the right countertop ice maker for your establishment, you undoubtedly have many choices to consider. Scotsman’s countertop ice makers are especially convenient however, as they not only make and dispense ice and water, but do so without the user ever being required to touch the ice maker. This leads to a lower risk of cross contamination among users of the ice maker. While other companies offer similar countertop units, Scotsman continues to provide a great variety of options, where users can choose an ice maker that makes one of three different ice styles – cubelet, flake, or nugget ice.

What we wanted to accomplish with this page was an easier way for our customers to make a side by side comparison of Scotsman’s air cooled countertop ice makers. You may know what type of ice you desire, but all of these ice makers have different dimensions too, so finding a suitable area for them to operate may be a concern. We also listed the establishments which these ice makers are best suited for operation. This depends largely on the ice style created and the amount of ice produced by each ice maker.

Scotsman Ice Maker Dispenser Comparison
One of the reasons countertop ice makers are enjoying so much popularity as of late is because, although they are smaller in stature, they still have the ability to produce a lot of ice every day. The higher end models can create over 700 pounds of ice per day. No undercounter ice maker from any company can come close to that, as the most production you will ever see from undercounter units is usually around 300 pounds of ice per day. Click the image to the left to view our PDF that compares Scotsman's most popular countertop ice makers. Once you digest the information, you can click the desired ice maker listed above, or follow the link to Scotsman's countertop ice maker and ice dispenser home page.