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Scotsman Countertop Nugget Ice Makers


[posted April 17, 2012]

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When it comes to ice lovers, nugget ice claims the most fans, due to its soft chewable nature, and multiple uses. Scotsman's MDT5N nugget ice maker dispensers produce the famous nugget ice that is sorely sought after by fanatics. This ice is so favored due to its ability to rapidly cool drinks, its chewable nature, and its ability to absorb the flavors of the beverage with which it shares a glass. Scotsman nugget ice makers are a popular addition to any business, but they are especially useful in healthcare facilities. These models have some great ice making capabilities and also have the ability to serve water from a separate dispenser chute.

The benefits of nugget ice and these ice maker dispensers in particular are seemingly endless in their versatile applications in the healthcare world. This countertop ice maker produces nugget ice at a rate around 22 pounds per hour. With the Scotsman MDT5N25A you'll have a storage capacity around 25 pounds, while the Scotsman MDT5N40A allows 40 pounds of ice to be stored when filled to capacity. This way, you are guaranteed to have ice on hand when it is most necessary. The small, chewable nature of nugget ice makes choking less likely amongst patients, while the ice is also beneficial when used in rehabilitating ice baths as it easily conforms around the contours of the body. Flake ice can provide similar benefits as nugget ice, but it generally does not last as long. That is why nugget ice may be preferred here.

In hospitals and healthcare facilities more than anywhere, germs and bacteria are controlled to prevent the spread of sickness or infection. Scotsman’s MDT5N models help limit that risk with their TouchFree, infrared sensor that detects when a container is present and fills it automatically. This is especially helpful if people liberally refill their own drinks using the same cup or glass.

These machines are also admired for their quieter fan and long-lasting stainless steel design with increased dispensing power. Scotsman designed these models to be very user friendly as they run with fewer moving parts, there is less chance of a breakdown or malfunction. The larger space between the dispenser chutes and the sink/drain tray area allows a greater variety of containers to be loaded with ice as well.

These models are both available as air cooled or water cooled units- whichever provides a more convenient or cost efficient option to the user. The two, separate dispensing chutes for water or ice allow the user to control the quantity desired of both ice and water. Should you require more ice than the MDT5N model provides, the MDT6N90A nugget ice maker produces ice at a rate of more than 30 pounds an hour and has a storage capacity of 90 pounds. It is the largest countertop nugget ice maker available from Scotsman

Whether you need ice as the perfect companion to your beverage, for a food display, or for an array of health care applications, the Scotsman MDT5N25 and MDT5N40 nugget ice makers should receive serious consideration. Check them out today at Ice Machines Plus to find the right ice machine for you and your business.

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