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Scotsman Partners with Franke to Revolutionize Ice Machine Cleanliness


[posted May 18, 2012]

In an effort to create the cleanest, purest ice available, Scotsman Industries (parent company of both Ice-O-Matic and Scotsman Ice) and Franke Foodservice Systems have announced their partnership and will introduce a revolutionary new technology to the ice making world. Scotsman, the largest commercial ice machine manufacturer in the world, and Franke Foodservice, a world leading provider of kitchen supplies, are both extremely excited about the introduction and application of this new technology.

While the use of chlorine was standard in water filtration for over 100 years, Scotsman has chosen to now use Franke's compact device to make use of ozone to filter water. This device can be affixed to any new or existing Scotsman ice machine. It works by generating ozone from an electrolytic cell in the water line and sanitizes the entire ice making path as well as the storage bin. Not only will it keep your ice and water clean and ease the burden associated with cleaning, but it will greatly reduce costs of maintenance for your ice machine.

Ozone has many advantages over chlorine and is FDA approved. Ozone kills a variety of microorganisms along with bacteria, mold, and viruses. It also eliminates E. coli by 99.99 percent. It is one of the best available sanitizers and also is quicker, more thorough, and more powerful than chlorine. Ozone also leaves behind no residue or odors that may cause your water or ice to taste like chemicals. Now your ice machine can be safely cleansed and sanitized without the use of chemicals, something that has never been available prior to this introduction.

This technological revelation has put this product in line to receive the coveted "Kitchen Innovations Award", an award given by a panel of foodservice operations and technology experts of the National Restaurant Association. This nationally recognized group and award recognize the brightest leaders and most innovative technologies in the restaurant industry.

This technology will be available on all Ice-O-Matic and Scotsman ice machines in the very near future. It will keep your ice machine clean, your customers safe, and your ice tasting great. It also signals you when it is time for replacement after six to twelve months, depending on ice quality and production rates of your unit.

Franke Foodservice Systems' mission to be uncompromising in value, innovation, and style has proved a perfect match with Scotsman Industries. Their innovative device has added much value to Scotsman Industries ice machines everywhere, and this revolution will take ice sanitation to the next level. Be sure to consider Scotsman or Ice-O-Matic when purchasing your next ice machine.

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