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Scotsman's C0530SA on the HD30B Hotel Dispenser: No Professional Required


[posted July 27, 2012]


In the hotel and motel, the ice machine and dispenser are almost always operated by people unfamiliar with ice machines. When this occurs, there is a greater chance for machine failure, abuse, or misuse. With the advances in Scotsman’s ice machines and dispensers however, you can rest assured that your machine will remain functional and operational at all times. The C0530SA ice machine on top of the HD30B dispenser will provide adequate amounts of ice for motels and hotels with up to 100 rooms.

Generally, ice machines in the hotel are used and operated by unattended hotel guests. As a hotel manager, there are always issues that will require your attention, and the ice machine should not be one of them. That is why it is so important to choose a quality ice machine and hotel dispenser. The C0530SA from Scotsman produces small ice cubes, about half the size of regular cubes. These ice cubes dispense more easily, and are less likely to jam or clog the HD30B dispenser. Ice will flow smoothly from dispenser to container without problems. When your guests need ice, they need ice. They do not need to wait around for a service technician to show up if a problem arises.

The C0530SA cuber head is from Scotsman’s Prodigy line of ice machines. These ice machines operate efficiently, using less water and electricity than competing cube ice machines. In order to ensure the ice machine’s operation on a day to day basis, Scotsman has provided some quality improvements and technology. The AutoAlert indicator lights communicate all of the machine’s operations to the operator, and alert you when it is time to clean, descale, and sanitize the machine, making upkeep simple and hassle-free. An optional Smart-Board allows data to be transmitted remotely to a computer, so you are alerted of problems and issues before they become serious, allowing your ice machine to remain functional, and your guests to always be with ice.

Scotsman’s HD30B hotel dispenser was also designed to be incredibly user-friendly. The push chute makes dispensing ice trouble free, and the sink depth has been improved and increased to allow for many different sized containers to fit and be filled with ice. As the dispenser is insulated with a high density foam insulation, your guests are guaranteed long lasting ice that has resisted melting and clumping. An 11-foot power cord also allows this unit to be placed in the location most suitable for an ice machine dispenser.

When stacked on top of each other, the C0530SA and HD30B measure 70.25 inches, a few inches less than six feet tall. The two both measure 30 inches wide, requiring less room to operate than other ice machine and dispenser units. Note that six additional inches must be allowed on the left, right, and rear of the machine for air intake and utility connections.

For an ice machine and hotel dispenser that will provide reliable service, consider Scotsman's C0530SA and HD30B dispenser. This combination allows for foolproof operation, and your guests will not have to be experts to operate it. With all of Scotsman’s advances in technology and ice production rates, you can rest assured that your ice machine will continue to operate and exceed your guests’ expectations on a daily basis.

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