Scotsman Clear1 16 Oz Scale Remover/Cleaner Bottle

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Scotsman Scale Remover Product Details

The Scotsman Clear1 Scale Remover/Cleaner is a liquid descaler for all Scotsman ice machines. This liquid cleaner is food grade and is safe to use on nickel surfaces. The concentrated cleaner dissolves and removes lime and mineral scale deposits that form on ice machine internals as a result of the ice making process. This package consists of one 16 ounce bottle of liquid scale remover/cleaner. Please be sure to follow the directions printed on the bottle to ensure the safety of you and your customers.

Scotsman Scale Remover Features

  • Concentrated scale remover and cleaner for all Scotsman ice machines
  • Nickel safe food-grade cleaner
  • Removes lime and mineral scale deposits from internal ice machine parts
  • Includes one 16 ounce bottle
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