Rethink Your Condenser with Ice-O-Matic's Remote Cooled ICE1806R



[posted June 28, 2012]


It seems that the majority of ice machine purchasers are becoming more and more inclined to purchase models with air-cooled condensers. After recent research, the benefits of remote air-cooled condensers seem to outweigh those of standard, self-contained air-cooled or water-cooled machines, especially for owners who wish to find the most value between consistent production and cost of operation. The ICE1806R from Ice-O-Matic is a perfect ice machine for any establishment that requires large-scale ice production and offers many benefits to the owner.

The Ice-O-Matic ICE1806R remote air-cooled models produce standard full or half size ice cubes (ICE1806FR and ICE1806HR, respectively), the perfect ice style for bars and restaurants. With this particular ice machine producing around 1600 pounds of ice a day (around 67 pounds per hour) when temperature conditions are ideal, your business is sure to have plenty of top quality, freshly-made ice on hand at all times. At only 26 inches tall, it can also fit in areas with lower ceilings, or underneath stairways and out of the way, even when mounted on an ice storage bin.

What separates this model from others of its kinds is the remote air-cooled condenser. With such a large machine that produces nearly a ton of ice a day, the condenser will inevitably be a loud, heat-producing piece of machinery. Remote condensers, however, can be placed outside or on the roof of your building, away from customers and employees. If your ice machine is located in the kitchen, a remote condenser will also prevent unnecessary heat being added to what is usually the warmest area of the building.

As the ICE1806R produces enough ice for a busy, larger restaurant or bar, you would not want to sacrifice any of its production due to external conditions. External factors like air and water temperature increases will greatly affect production in your ice machine, to the point of up to a 30 percent loss in production with the self-contained air-cooled models (when the air temp goes up 20 degrees). Your ice production rate will generally decrease by only 10 to 11 percent with a remote air-cooled ice machine. Therefore, a remote air-cooled condenser also assures that if you pay for large-scale, quality ice production, you consistently receive it.

Ice-O-Matic also ensures the freshest, highest quality ice with its Pure Ice technology. This way, all ice produced by the ICE1806R is flavorless, odorless, and free from bacteria. With the longest warranty in the business, Ice-O-Matic assures a well-constructed, high quality piece of machinery, including major components such as the evaporator, compressor and the condenser. Another benefit of the remote condenser that tends to go unacknowledged is the fact that the condenser can be reused when another ice machine is acquired as a replacement, provided the condenser is kept in good condition (consult specification guidelines to determine your condenser compatibility). While the upfront cost may be a bit greater, the rewards and production values are far greater.

If you're willing to pay for large scale production, you would do well to make sure you get the most out of your ice machine. With the Ice-O-Matic ICE1806R you will get just that, and the cost of operation over the lifetime of the equipment will be lower as well. For more information, or to purchase this ice machine, be sure to browse's selection of Ice-O-Matic remote air-cooled ice machines. We’re always here to provide the latest in ice machine news and information.

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